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10 brilliant ways to reduce food wastage

10 brilliant ways to reduce food wastage

Food wastage not only produces wastage of nutrients that food contains but also wastage of money and energy and when you waste food you also insult the God blessings. Rotten food that you throw outside from your house produces methane. Methane is 10 times more harmful than carbon dioxide.

There are many ways to reduce food waste, but one of most common and easy way through which you may save your meal for a long time is, use your fridge. Here are some ways; you can reduce the amount of edible food that ends up in your bin.

Don’t buy in bulk

There are many things which you don’t have to buy in bulk because after some days they become rotten and you have to throw them out from your house. Fruit and veggies are become rotten and produce a smell after three to four days. We all normally buy these things in bulk because buy these things from bulk can save our money. If you don’t have a very big family or many children to feed their mouth then stay away from buying an item in bulk. Buy as many fruits and vegetables as possible to finish in three to four days. If you buy more, they get to spoil and you may not use them.

Store meal properly

It is obvious that sometimes the small quantity of your meal is left which you have to store properly. Don’t put your leftover in the fridge straightaway without chilling. Because when you put the hot meal in your fridge it increases your fridge temperature, which is not great. You don’t need to leave your leftover for overnight for chilling, leaving them for a short time as it comes in room temperature. Second thing freeze your meal separately in small boxes like if you want to freeze curry and rice put them in the separate container and then put them in a fridge. If you don’t do this, the chances of meal worsen are may increase.

store meal properly

First come, first eat

Try to eat the things which are already present in your fridge and pantry. It’s not good to buy things which you already have in your fridge and pantry. It is not only wastage of money, but also wastage of food. If you continuously add items in your pantry and avoid items which already present in your pantry, the avoided items become spoiled and get rotten especially bread, brown rice, black beans, and meat. You need to rotate items in your pantry. Don’t leave the half container in your fridge, first finish half container then go for buying more milk.

Grow your own

Make your own garden and grow your own fruit, veggies, and herbs. It also supports you financially. If you start growing food in your house, you don’t want to buy in bulk. It reduces the chances of food wastage because you can easily take the needed fresh items from your garden and use them at a time. Nothing goes to waste. Canning is also a beneficial method like you can preserve your excess garden products in a form of pickle and stock and use them when you need. You can easily preserve them in a form of pickle and stock for months.

Don’t overstuff your freezer

Most of the ladies complain that: they store meal in freezer or fridge but they still get rotten. The main reason behind this disaster is they overstuff their fridge and freezer. When you overstuff your fridge and freezer cold air is not flow in it, due to not adequate space. If space in small, heat and warmth does not leave your fridge and the temperature of your fridge become inconsistent continuously. So first you need to clean your freezer and fridge properly then place the meal in it but in a range. Don’t overstuff your freezer and try to clean your freezer and fridge at least after one month.

don't over stuffed your freezer

Donate extra food

Much food remains when you host any big event or party. Don’t full your freezer with this food, Try to make a habit to donate extra food. Not donate all food but some food which you feel extra and due to this, your freezer become over stuff. It’s tough to find a specific person who deserves your donation but you can easily find food banks near you. Donate the meal to them. In this way, you not only save yourself from food wastage but also the source of removing hunger of someone which is a blessing.

Understand what Expiration Date is

Turns out those expiry dates don’t generally need to do with food well-being; rather, they’re typically producers’ recommendations for top quality. If you store food in the proper place or put them in the refrigerator, most nourishments (even meat) remain new a few days past the “utilization by” date. You check the food, if a food looks, smells, and tastes fine and fresh, then it surely fine and you can eat it after the expiry date. On the other hand, if any of this component is missing, then you have to take it seriously and the only option remains is “waste that food”.


Cucumber, meat, peppers and a few vegetables might be protected by pickling. This strategy includes plunging the sustenance in some fluid synthetic that keeps the development of microorganism life forms yet keeps up edibility of the nourishment. The safeguarding fluids utilized are vinegar, brine, liquor and some different oils. This procedure is known as synthetic pickling. The other method for pickling is by maturation or you can also say that it is called fermentation pickling. In this processed food itself produce preservation agent.


Compost your leftover

The kitchen garden is now in fashion. If you want to reduce your food wastage, then sow your leftover in your kitchen garden. Put potato peels and withered veggies to great use by tossing them in your garden as a supplement rich manure. You can also take little pots, fill them with soil and sow your leftover in it. Take them to care properly and after some time enjoy your home grow veggies, fruits, herbs etc. In fact, you can do this with nuts peel and see what you get.

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