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10 Glittering ways to feed your soul

10 Glittering ways to feed your soul

They say:

“Whatever is good for your soul DO that”

Sometimes we feel down and blue after listening to the bad news or due to ordinary day problems and negative people. I want to encourage you to sit at the side and think about yourself that why you feel empty and blue. You always have a chance to enrich your life and fill your soul after bad experiences no matter how grave thing appear.

It is necessary to move toward a new chapter of life first reset yourself. Enrich your soul with positivity. For this, it is important for you to carve out some time from your busy schedule to reset, renew and recharge your energy mind and soul. You can do it on a regular basis because every day is a new beginning, a new chapter, and new experiences.

Here I tell you some ways to recharge yourself, your mind, feed your soul and recharge mental energy.

1. Read good things

Mostly you read books for time pass or enhance your vocabulary. For this, you may take your favorite novel. But I suggest you read something that helps you to grow your spiritual and personal development. Read something classic like literature. It will awaken your soul, enrich your mind, it makes you capable to think new ideas and stir your emotion and passion. It recharges your soul in more ways.

2. Love nature

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit. If you love nature you will find everywhere. And at once you find beauty in small things it always helps you to recharge your soul. Spending time with nature is healing nature. So just go out in your garden barefoot. Take a walk in nature, smelling a flower, hugging a tree, feel the wind and see moving clouds.

3. Stay alone for some time in a day

Enjoy your own company for a while. When you are alone you will able to feel, think, dream, relax and plan without any interruption. In this “me time” so that the things which you want to do, which matter for yourself and which make you happy. Spending time is essential especially when you feel down and feel empathy. After that, you will feel empowered.

4. Write


Writing is the best way to express your deepest thoughts and ideas of your heart. Many people out there are ready to hear this but you don’t want to share with anyone but you need to get them out of your heart and mind. In this situation the only person you can reach is yourself. When you write all your thought whether they are positive or negative you feel happy and light.

5. Purify your mind

If you can’t purify your mind, then you are not using it. A negative mind will never give you a positive life. Practice mindfulness meditation every morning. Take a space from the people who always criticize others. Count your blessing every night and thanks to God who gives you all this happiness. Listen to some spiritual music that gives power to your soul and cleanses your mind from all bad thoughts.

6. Give back

Don’t forget those people who are below from you. Look at them and think what you have that other people are searching for. We all are quick to point out what we don’t have but we forget to thank our creator for what HE gave to us, what HE makes us, and how happy we live our life with all the facilities. Try to see someone from other perspectives, it makes us humble and keep us away from negative thoughts.

7. Forgive

Forgive the people who do bad with you is a tremendous way to recharge your life and removing a heavy burden from your mind a soul. It’s not as much about them as it is about you. It encourages you to move forward and letting go of the toxin that is destroying you. So, avail this opportunity and add happiness in your life and give yourself an inner relief.

8. Talk people you admire

3D colourful people with talk bubbles isolated over a white background

There are always some people or people who we admire so much. We respect that person from the core of our hearts because they have something. Perhaps he/she is a good person or owner of a good nature. Go and talk with them. No matter how brief or informal it is. It gives you priceless wisdom, gives your mind a new perspective, changes your way of thinking and sustaining your mind and heart.

9. Take deep breath

Take deep breathes at morning when you wake up because it is a time to start the new journey, new experiences and new life. It gives you energy for hours to deal with negativity and demands from other people to drain your energy by the end of the day. Deep breathes act as energy healers. It gives you energy internally and externally.

10. Laugh

Always laugh when you can because laughter is a cheap medicine for the soul. When you laugh for an at least five minutes you can feel how your mood improves. Life is better when you’re laughing. Laughing is, and always be the best form of therapy to feed your soul. Call your friends, watch any funny video, play with your pets and hang out with your little ones and enjoy the happiness it brings you.

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