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10 things that make you happy

10 things that make you happy

    Dalai Lama said:

    Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own action

    Do you see the people at any point in your life who are constantly perky and regardless of what life tosses at them, they simply appear to move with the punches? It’s very conceivable that they’re following an equation for happiness– at the present time.

    Sometimes when you are feeling down or sad you can read some inspirational quotes or happiness quotes. This practice gives you happiness for a short span of time. After sometimes, you again start feeling sad and unhappy.

    If you look for inner happiness and satisfaction there are many things that make you happy. But most of us know that stay happy is not an easier thing. Disappointment and negativity grab your happiness and even the good things are start losing luster. Below are 10 of those happy things that you think about and make your life and yourself happy.

    1. Night sleep

    Sleeping habit helps to avoid depression. But unluckily there are two types of sleep. If you sleep in the middle of the day it can increase your depression. Try to sleep at right time. Night sleep not only good for health, but it also helps you to stay happy and successful. Your energy, memory, and attention all are become reducing if you don’t get proper and enough sleep. When you sleep your mind is recharge and remove toxic protein that makes you unhappy.

    2. Meditation

    Inner peace is the first and most important thing if you really want to stay happy. Sitting on a floor, put candle beside you and take deep slow breathes. It is necessary to loosen up your brain and body. In doing as such, you connect with your internal identity, and constantly, you’ll become connected with yourself somewhat better. That is certainly a supporter of the bliss scale and gives to ultimate pleasure.

    3. Music

    Music has an instantly positive effect on your mood. They say that listening to music is the happiest time of your life and it helps you to feel more connected to that time. Music or any specific track reminds you to the place where you listen to it before. Music helps you to connect with some good memories. Good memories always make you happy when you think about it. But listen to music everywhere and every time will also leave some negative impact on you.

    4. Eating sweets

    When you feel blue, sometimes one of the best remedies to take a cookie jar and start eating cookies. Sweet is poison for depression. Sweet make you happy instantly and in such a great way that no one can. Processed sugar also increases endorphin that can boost mood. Sweet treats can be a quick work, but it is may not the healthiest solution.

    5. Eat Healthy food

    healthy food

    How might you look and feel your best if the food you eat or diet you take is bad for you? If you invest your energy or money eating many packages of boxed noodles, canned meals or junk food, your body will tell you by putting on weight, feeling down, and conceivably having a large group of medical or health issues. After these things, you can never keep yourself happy. By eating better you’re dealing with yourself, as well as feel livelier and happier. You’ll be healthier and feel happy from the back to front.

    6. Me Time

    Rather than investing energy with family and companions, it is good to venture back and set aside some time for yourself, independent from anyone else. You can energize your soul and locate a little peace that comes in your soul. Taking some time away and being separated from everyone else can do ponders for your mindset and viewpoint

    7. Do your favorite things

    Try to keep this happiness phrase in your mind “If you do what you love, it is the best way to keep yourself happy”. Doing things that you want to do, and it is far better to get paid for these things that make you happy– are great approaches to support your levels of satisfaction. At the point when work feels like play, will probably appreciate different parts of your life better, as well.

    8. Add positivity subtract negativity

    Try to keep your thinking positive. One small negative thought turns into a huge speedy ugliness. But a small positive thought turns into a blossoming and beautiful outcome. When you think negative thoughts it’s hard to overcome but it is much easier to turn it into positive thoughts. Try to think positive in the negative situation. Regardless of how terrible things may appear, be thankful. You truly are exceptionally fortunate when you get directly down to it.

    9. Making other happy

    Try to help someone or do some act of kindness with someone. When you make others happy this happiness also comes back to you. Give smile on someone face. People who donate happiness, time or money to people who need this, report improvement in their own happiness. The most proverb is “as you sow, so shall you reap”. So, why not you spread happiness and it comes back to you in double.

    10. Laugh no matter what

    Do you ever think of investing energy every day on laughing and smiling? Do you deliberately discover something to snicker about? When you snicker, you discharge a glad hormone called oxytocin. It’s a hormone that elevates us as we share encounters with others. Indeed, even simply making yourself grin will put you in a superior place. It is one of the best and cheapest practice to stay happy and color your life with happiness. At least give a try to this one!

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