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Abira Nasir is a lead content writer at The Girls Lifestyle since 2016. Her passion is to help girls in all aspects of health, fitness, fashion and many other problems that girls can face in their lives. Her goal is to provide trending information about human life to ladies and keep them updated.
Life Rule: "Never depend on others for your happiness."


  • Robin 3 days ago

    And surround yourself with positive people that makes a huge impact on your thoughts!

  • Sabrina Must 3 days ago

    I find that making other people happy and spending time with the people I love are what bring me true happiness! Thank you for sharing this article.

  • Jacinta Grand 3 days ago

    Yass! Everything on this list sparks happiness! I’ve really started to enjoy “me time” more and more as I’ve gotten older. It’s so nice to just decompress by reading a good book and sipping herbal tea.

  • Melissa 3 days ago

    I really believe that what we eat has a huge impact on how we feel. If we eat healthy we are more likely to feel happy.

  • Clarice 2 days ago

    I totally agree with you. Happiness is indeed a choice and we’re responsible for our happiness. Glad you included sleep and healthy food on the list — this is something that is taken forgranted since people fail to realize its importance.

  • Jade 2 days ago

    Great article ! Just check the spelling on number 2 .. I think it should be meditation. I think it’s particularly important to do the things that make you happy and remove yourself from depressing situations in your life.

  • Monidipa Dutta 2 days ago

    I agree with all your points. Especially, me time. If you do not get it, you can be mentally tired.

  • Gena 2 days ago

    What a great article! I think we have to remind ourselves how blessed we are daily, so life just gets better!

  • Lexa Fish 2 days ago

    All of these things are really good at sparking happiness, especially eating for me! I love colorful healthy food and eating it just makes me feel good about myself. Lately I’ve been taking more long baths and reading to help spark my happiness. Side note, I love your blog it’s so colorful and well put together.

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