Abira Nasir

Abira Nasir is a lead content writer at The Girls Lifestyle since 2016. Her passion is to help girls in all aspects of health, fitness, fashion and many other problems that girls can face in their lives. Her goal is to provide trending information about human life to ladies and keep them updated.
Life Rule: "Never depend on others for your happiness."


  • Zachary Long 7 months ago

    I learned that I am eating the wrong kinds of food. Do you have recipes?

    • Abira Nasir 7 months ago

      Yea! we’ll share it soon. Stay tuned :)

  • Kristen 7 months ago

    The myth that fat kills has been creating an epidemic of heart disease. We need to keep lobbying and political gain out of food and return to facts steering our diets. Hopefully more people will return to eating healthy fats instead of piling on the carbs.

  • Mandy 7 months ago

    Great post. People are scared of these foods, but healthy fat is good for you! Everything in moderation!

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