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12 ways to improve your memory

12 ways to improve your memory

One of the worst things is “bad memory” but everyone has an ability to improve their memory expect they suffer from memory loss or bad health. Many factors are count due to which you can suffer from bad memory like poor diet, lack of sleep, stress or unhealthy lifestyle. If you want to make your memory sharp and you want to able to remember something effortlessly but you think it is impossible, well you’re thinking is wrong. A brain has an ability to reshape itself when it comes to learning and memorize something. You have a natural power to enhance your ability and improve your memory at any age. There are lots of tasks you can do to improve the strength of your mind. Check out these tips.

1. Give your brain a workout

In my view, the other word which is suitable for your memory is “use it or lose it”. The more you do work on your brain, the better you’ll able to remember information. With the time when you reach adulthood you able to remember things easily or remember them with the different perspective but if you stick with one path of remembering you are not giving your brain to enough space for developing. Your brain also needs to growing and developing. You have to shake things in your mind from time to time. There are many ways to keep your mind refreshing and growing by teaching new things, throw challenges for your mind, do a different type of mind activities that engage your brain and do any activity that improves your memory.

2. Take good night sleep and naps

Studies have found that the process of your brain when you are asleep actually helps you to remember information better for the next day. In student life when you are in school and college you use to study overnight and study all night before a big test. But you forget all the study just before your test. It is because your sleep is incomplete. You don’t take sufficient sleep due to which you forget all the things. It is more beneficial to get a good night sleep than to study until dawn. If you stay awake, your brain can’t keep any information in your memory for a long time. It is also necessary that you go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same night every morning. Sleep is the first area that is most affected by memory problems.

3. Eat dark chocolate

dark chocolate

Chocolate gives your brain a great boost. When you eat chocolate your mind produces dopamine. It helps you to learn faster and remember better. Chocolate also contains anti-oxidants which are good for your brain functions. Take a bite or two of dark chocolate every day.

4. Chew gum

Chewing gum is the cheapest and easiest trick to remember thinks. Studies found that people easily store visual and studio task they do when they chewing gum. If you want to remember something for a short time then try chewing gum. If you want to remember some information for your examination then you have to do this. Chewing gum when you read the lesson and also chewing gum of the same flavor when you write in your examination.

5. Make a fist

They act of clenching fist if done correctly, an ability to improve your habit of recalling information. The study shows that if you are right handed then you have to make a fist with your right hand to memorize the piece of information and if you are left-handed then you make a fist with the left hand to memorize the information. Squeezing your fist, from right place for at least 60 seconds before letting go.

6. Avoid stress

Stress is one of the most difficult things to avoid due to the world’s overwhelming demand. But you can avoid it by doing some exercises, activities, by doing changing your hobbies and with relaxation. By doing these activities you will able to improve your memory, sharpen your brain, increase the ability to remember and help to reduce stress. Because stress has a severe effect on your body and brain. Stress makes you emotional and stressful which affect your brain cells and memory cells.

7. Play brain game

brain games

Your daily routine is get up, goes for work, come back and sleeps. This routine you remembered because you do this over and over. Shaking up this routine can stimulate your brain. Try to add anything new to your routine. It is helpful for your brain growth. Find brain teasers, crossword, and puzzles on paper. It helps your brain in developing and make sharper. Try anything that new, fun and challenging.

8. Reduce caffeine

Caffeine may help you to keep focus and attend for short time but in long run, it causes exhaustion which effects retrieval of information from your mind. If you use caffeine in large quantity, you may reduce the loss of your memory.

9. Stop multitasking

Multitasking is when you have the ability to do many works at the same time. If you are doing multi things at the same time your brain finds difficulty in storing information. Your brain gets confused what to store and what to reject? So it’s good to do one task at a time. It gives an ability to your brain to work properly and memorize properly. When you do one task at a time it also gives time to your brain to store. Multitasking slows you down, more forgetful and makes the error.

10. Feed your brain

Include some excellent food choice fish, green vegetables, and nuts in your diet. Avoid deep fried things because they contain fats. Eating food contain fats can be devastating to your brain. So, eating food that contains a healthy mix of fats is essential for your long-term memory.

11. Try something new

Feeling forgetful sometime? Never take it on your mind. Take a stab at going amiss from your regular schedule a bit, regardless of whether that implies, you can change your place, taking another course to work, or attempting another class at the rec center. Research distributed in Cell Press uncovers the fact that oddity enhances the mind’s capacity to learn new data, helping you recall and making you more intelligent all at once. Try something new is always good, not only your mental health but equally good for your daily routine. When you get bored with something or feel stressful just quit thing for sometimes. Break yourself and again come with new energy and a fresh mind. It’ll work, surely.

12. Stay Hydrated

stay hydrated

Stay hydrated is one of the most natural and easy ways to improve your memory. But, how? Let me tell you. If you want to remember something you need proper concentration on it and if you are thirsty you suddenly feel low. You can never focus on your work which automatically and directly affects your brain. That’s why stay hydrated is a key to having your brain in order and properly.

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