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13 ways to look pretty in 2 minutes without makeup

13 ways to look pretty in 2 minutes without makeup

Every man is always a complaint from his wife that “you put more time to get ready.” And yes… it is true. Women take more time than men to get ready because every woman wants to look good and mesmerizing. To look good and hot you don’t need any surgeries. You just need to open your mind and do the experiment. First, you have to believe in that, you look beautiful the way you are. You don’t need to put so much makeup and look older than your age.

Everyone wants to look beautiful and hot, but not every girl knows how to look hot. Everyone has a different definition of looking hot. Some relate it with good body shape, some relate with dark makeup or some relate hotness with tight dresses. In this article, I am going to tell you the ways of looking hot in two minutes without makeup and any other expensive and painful surgeries or heavy dresses.

Rub ice cube on face

It is cold and refreshing that rub ice on your face. Rubbing ice on your face will close your pores in your face skin and reduce inflammation and sore. In hot days our skin becomes red, to avoid the redness of face rub ice on your face. It gives you look fresh and you don’t need anything to apply on your face. You can go as it is, wherever you want to go. You can rub an ice cube on your face right after you wake up. It helps to wake up your skin.

Spray rose water

Always carry a rose water spray bottle with yourself whenever and wherever you go. It good to spray rose water after every 3 to 4 hours or whenever you feel tired if you out of your house. Rose water hydrates your skin and it also has inflammation property. It also prevents your skin from dryness and doesn’t tighten your skin. So quickly spray rose water on your face and stay beautiful all the day long.

Wear black dress

When you wear black you not only look smart but also look hot and gorgeous. Black defines your personality and looks so well. With black, you don’t need any dark makeup or accessories. Wearing black is the simplest and easiest trick to look perfect. Believe me, you never regret after wearing black. It gives you confidence.

Wear white dress

White is most positive and elegant color. Wear white maxi and put light pink or light brown lip gloss on your lips, TING, you are ready to go wherever you want to go. From brunches to late night parties, white is the best color to wear. Wearing white dress is a goal.

Wear high heels

High heels are best to shape your body and give you height. Heightened girls look more beautiful and stunning. Even when short heighted girls wear high heels they look splendid. High heels give you a feeling of super glam and statuesque. Spend money on comfortable and easy to walk heels that you know you can walk hours in them.

Wear red lipstick

Wear a bright and clean lipstick can change your appearance in seconds. It transforms your personality amazingly. Bright red lipstick can brighten your face and give your smile a wider look. It makes you classy and fascinating. You can also go with some pink and dark shades. The most important part is that you can wear lipstick on the way to your event.

Make simple loose hair bun

If you wear beautiful hairstyle it can totally alter your personality. You don’t need to wear heavy makeup, classic jewelry, and expensive cloth if you tie your hair beautifully. Spend time on your hairstyle instead of spending time on makeup and other things. Make loose messy bun and give a little volume to your hair. Perfect! You look ravishing.

Apply shimmer to the inner corner of your eyes

Eyes are the first thing on your face that people may notice. Try to make your eyes perfectly big. One best option to make your eyes naturally big is to apply a touch of luminizer to the inner corner of your face. Luminizer is a kind of shimmer; it gives your eye a bigger look. Just open your eyes from the inner corner, apply shimmer and blend it with your finger and here you go. You are ready to go with your friend, family and someone special. It brightens up your eyes and gives noble look.

Wear nose pin

If your skin is clean and clear and hairs are long and wavy then you just to need to wear nose pin and you look dazzling. Nose pin is the only accessory which directly affects on your looks and face. It increases your beauty so perfectly and suits everyone. Try to go with little nose pin, not with the nose ring or any big stud. It may show alternative result and make you look aged.

Stay in Shape

Always wear clothes that perfectly fit you. Every woman knows what makes her look good and comfortable. Wear clothes those give you more confident and give you your best because when you look confident, you automatically look pretty. Instead of wear tight fitting clothes in order to look trendy and smart, wear perfectly fitted clothes. Don’t try to squeeze your body in tight clothes, they make you uncomfortable and less confident.

Smell nice all day

When you smell nice you not only look attractive but also you look more confident. In this hot weather, it is essential to smell nice. You may look fresh and smell nice in morning but in afternoon or in evening your freshness has lost away. Regular bathing is also played a vital role. Try to use scent after bathing, wash your hairs daily, scrub your body etc. Clean your teeth two times in a day and use mouthwash. Add few drops of vinegar in your bathtub, if you want to smell nice full day. Change your clothes, socks, and undergarments daily and wash them before next use.

Remove unnecessary body hairs

Unwanted hairs on the visible parts of your body look really creepy. If you are wearing a sleeveless shirt, you must remove extra hairs from your arms and underarms. Unwanted hairs normally occur due to irregular menstrual cycle or imbalanced hormones. The shave is most rapid and inexpensive way to get rid of extra hairs. There are many home remedies to remove unwanted hairs like apply turmeric paste or egg and corn flour paste on your hairy body part. Leave it for 30 minutes. When paste become hard on your skin to rub it slowly and wash it with warm water.

Stay natural

13 ways to look pretty

The one thing you need to understand and agree with yourself on it that you look beautiful naturally. You don’t need any heavy makeup or do something special to do with yourself. You are beautiful in the way you are. Keep yourself natural because heavy makeup may draw your innocent look from your face. Satisfy yourself only that you look extraordinary in a simple avatar.

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