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14 pieces of jewelry every woman should own

gold and silver stud

One of the most beautiful ways to add colors and beauty to your daily clothes is to wear jewelry. Keep your jewelry simple and classy. You can display your signature look with more style and accurately with the help of jewelry. You have so many choices to choose from when it comes to jewelry. Buying and owning jewelry is one of the best perks for being a girl. I tell you some pieces of jewelry which you like to invest happily because these are the wear everyday pieces and you’ll love them season after season because these are always in fashion. These are some suggestion of jewelry pieces that you should be a part of your jewelry collection.

1. Pearl stud

Peral Stud

There is nothing more elegant and sophisticated than a piece of pearl stud. You can wear them with any type and color of wardrobe either your wardrobe contains the combination of so many different colors or it is black or plain. It is a piece of jewelry that every woman has them in their jewelry box. They give you a classic and modern look at the same time. You can find them in different size and different kind. To add more elegance, you can wear double pearl stud. These are the stud which contains pearl on both sides. One is small and the other is large. If you want to go with your boyfriend for a date or go for any posh dinner you can wear them.

2. Gold or silver stud

gold and silver stud

Gold or silver studs are must accessories. You can wear them wherever and whenever, from day to night, you can wear them all the time. Diamond studs are also left a big impression but they are expensive to have so gold and silver stud are also good when you need to make a huge fashion statement with a simple stud. These little metallic studs must have either in long bar shape or diamond shape when you need to show versatility. You can wear them everywhere and you don’t need to take them off.

3. Statement earring

statement earring

When to getting married, after marriage statement earing is an essential piece of accessory. When you want to add wow factor in your signature look you should wear statement earrings matching with your outfit. You can also go with contrast in statement earring case. These are also good when you don’t want to wear any other jewelry. If you only wear these earrings, you won’t worry about any other jewelry. Make sure you tie your hairs when you wear this earring. After all show of is also and always necessary.

4. Hoop earring

hoop earring

This piece of jewelry is always in fashion and is pretty attractive. Sometimes a simple pair of the hoop can add a right amount of interest in your look. Hoop earring frames your face and adds ad balance when you tie your hairs tightly at back in the form of a pony. They go well nearly all types of dresses from casual to formal. You can wear them with jeans and a t-shirt and a skirt. You must have hoop earring in silver and golden color but you can also may them in many other colors according to your choice and need. Buy hoop according to your face and feature but 1.5 to 2.5 is ideal.

5. Dedicate silver layered necklace

dedicated silver layered neckless

This necklace adds a right amount of glamour and style is your look. This accessory improves and completes your whole look. You can buy a layered necklace and also you can make it by yourself. You just need to find the accessories which go well together. Take good care of your chains so they are not get tangled with each other. You can wear this necklace with the range of your outfit. Golden is also good but I prefer silver necklace.

6. Necklace with pendant


Necklace with small pendant or pendants provides character and interest almost all types of outfit. One can define fashion that ‘the thing which is come around.’ So we can say that the necklace with pendant is fashion because the come back over and over. You can also swap pendant with diamond to make your necklace more expensive and glamorous. A diamond necklace is a piece that can stand its own. It doesn’t need any other accessories to wear with it. Infect if you wear any other accessories with it, the diamond may lose its charm.

7. Choker


Chokers have been an enormous style piece throughout the last couple of seasons. While picking your choker pick something that compliments your form style. Every dark choker has been extremely well known! You can go with black or dark brown choker set. Wear from every day with easygoing outfits or on a night out or wear plain V neck white Tee with dark choker set.

8. Gemstone ring

Gemstone rings are much better than stackable rings. Gems of different colors look beautiful when you wear them in your fingers. Sometime stackable rings look tacky but gemstone rings always look classy. Gems also compliment your outfit more than stackable rings. And also if you go with real gems, it may good for your luck if it suits you.

9. Open ring

open ring

Open rings are new but nowadays they made a big trend. One advantage of the open ring is that you can open it or close it according to your convenience and according to your finger size. You can wear a plain open ring or you can wear an open ring with a gemstone on it.

10. Colorful bracelets (Bangles)

colourful braclets

Bracelets wrap with silk and colorful beads are able to add so much color and life to your look. This is the thing you will love to wear. You wake up in the morning and you don’t want to wear so much heavy stuff, you just wear a white t-shirt with jeans and wear these colorful beads or silk wrap bracelets. Trust me you will look amazing in them.

11. Simple chain bracelet

simple chain braclet

A simple chain bracelet is added great ascent in any outfit. You can also call it a wear-everywhere bracelet. It may be your best friend’s gift, a good luck charm or a family bracelet. Through which reference you wear it, it just another good component in your arm party which you don’t need to take off. Infect you don’t want to take it off.

12. Gemstone anklet

gemstone anklet

Maximum women neglect their foot jewelry because they think that it is not necessary or they are not seen. But feet accessories are equally important as other accessories. If you still don’t agree with my point, then you just add one pair of gemstone anklet in your jewelry box. You can also wear it on one ankle. It’s totally up to you.

13. A classic watch


You think you don’t need it because you have your smartphone to see time from it but now watch is also turned into a jewelry piece and style statement. So feel free to wear it with a bracelet and friendship band because it is a function piece of jewelry. I prefer a chain watch or menswear-inspired watch of color gold or silver. These watches look more luxuries than other colorful funky types watch.

14. Shades


Shades are an absolute necessity have thing for each lady’s closet. Not exclusively do they shield your eyes from destructive UV Rays yet they’re a staple mold adornment, adding an astonishing completing touch to any outfit. Whether you are going with cat eye frames or basic frame, every woman must have at least two shades in their collection.

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