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35 things you can do on your weekend

35 things you can

Whether you are a working lady or a simple housewife, you can’t find your weekend interesting and enjoyable. Because you fear to spend money but there are many more activities which you can do without spending a lot of money. I also do these things when I’m getting bored on my weekend. They are cheap, fun, happy, active and entertaining. Give them a try.

1. Make a cup of coffee or tea for him and spend quality time. Relive memories.

2. At weekend, wake up early and watch the sunrise, the most beautiful and mesmerizing scene.

3. Instead of eating some good stuff at home at weekends go to the park with your family and enjoy a homemade meal at the park, fully.

4. Go for a picnic with family friends and fill your boring weekend with colors and happiness.

5. Go to the beach at evening with someone special, make sand house and leave your footprint there.

6. Go to the library for reading something good that relax your mind and you can forget all the frustration for some time.

7. Cook for yourself or eat anything from your nearby restaurant and enjoy ME TIME

8. Cook something new or swap any good recipe with your friends.

9. Wash your clothes which you wear last week with your own hands.

10. Connect with old friends and make meet up plans with them for Sunday evening.

11. Set your wardrobe and get out dirt and extra stuff which you don’t use.

12. Open your old family album and see old photographs.

13. Select some good pictures of friends and family and develop them.

14. Play with kids whether they are yours and someone else. It is the best time pass.

15. Watch any classic movie or any of your most favorite movies which you want to see for a long time. You can also go with any wildlife movie if you are interested.

16. Go for hiking or any other adventure with friends like climb up the mountain, swimming or visit wildlife reserve.

17. If you fed up with your house arrangement, rearrange your house setting and make it cool.

18. If you are a working woman and you don’t spare time for cleaning your house then the weekend is the best time for you to clean your house.

19. Decorate your room

20. Grow one plant every weekend. In this way, your time will spend well, and it is also good for the environment.

21. Rearrange your playlist; add some good and new songs to your playlist.

22. If you have a camera even it is your mobile camera, click some good and quality pictures. You can click sunrise, sunset, plants, birds or anything and increase your photo collection.

23. Go for a bicycle ride with your friends. You can take a round trip to your area where you live or any other place near your area by bicycle.

24. Try new hairdo to change your look. You can cut them or give them a new color which is a good surprise to your family, friends and fellows.

25. Learn something new at every weekend like swimming, horse riding, driving or see any online free learning courses.

26. Explore things by reading, searching on the internet or go out in your area.

27. Denote some old clothes which are spare, or you don’t wear them.

28. Take a long relaxing bath that finishes your stress, frustration, and exhaustion through which you suffer from whole week.

29. Go for dinner with your family or friend. Arrange something special for your loved one.

30. Learn a new skill like painting, writing, make things with paper.

31. Go for window shopping with friends

32. Go to the beauty salon, do manicure, pedicure, take foot massage and enhance your beauty more.

33. Sleep is important for your mental and physical health. If you are a working woman and you have no time to get enough sleep throughout the week, the weekend is a best to sleep.

34. Watch sunset by standing in front of your room window. This is the most beautiful thing and worth watching.

35. Set 3 goals for the upcoming week which you must complete in an upcoming week and on next weekend mark them as done and set 3 more goals for next week.

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