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5 Easy Ways To Wake Up With Perfect Hair Every Day

5 Easy Ways To Wake Up With Perfect Hair Every Day

We always see in dramas and movie that when heroin wake up her hairs are settled. But on the other hands when we wake up our hairs are badly messed. For us, wake up with perfect is impossible. But that’s not true. Here I will tell you some secrets through which you can wake up with perfect hairs. It also helps you to manage your hair and time.

1. Make a bun or braid

Before go to bed make a bun if your hairs are long and make a braid if your hairs are short. Don’t tie your hair so tightly. It helps your hair to free from tangled and broken. If your hairs are straight gone with straight braid and if your hairs are curly make a twisted braid. If you go with bun, then first make a loose ponytail and then tie your hairs in a bun.

2. Never sleep with wet hairs

Never ever go to bed with wet hair. It not only damage and break your hair but when you wake up in morning your hairs are badly messed up. If you want to wake up with good hair then first dry your hair with cool air. Don’t use warm air. It is also bad for your hairs. Dry your hairs and try to use silk pillow cover.

3. Apply any oil

Before going to bed massage your hairs with any oil, maybe with coconut oil. Oily hair stays static until morning and when you wash your hairs in the morning your hairs become shining. But one thing that you make sure that not use the excess amount of oil on your hairs and when you oiling avoids scalp. Just apply on hairs.

Perfect Hair

4. Use aloe Vera

Aloe vera is good for your hairs. It gives nutrition to your hairs and helps in growing your hair. You may also use it before sleep. Mix aloe vera with water and put it on any bottle. Before going to bed spray your hair with this water. It moisturizes the hairs and your hairs stay static and straight till morning.

5. Use conditioner or leave-in-conditioner

You always listen that the treatments which we do after washing your hair always work. Yes, it is true. If you want your hair stay good and shiny all the time. Use conditioner and also you can use leave-in-conditioners. Leaves-in-conditioner can make your hairs more manageable and Handel able. Personally, I go with leaves-in-conditioner. It is a good treatment for your hairs.

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