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6 must-have handbags for every women

6 must-have handbags for women

One of the most important accessories that every woman should happily have and happily spend money on it is a handbag. Collecting handbags is the most enjoyable and exciting thing to do. You need handbags almost at every place like when you go for a long journey, when you go for shopping, when you go for any small trip when you go for any party or if you are working or businesswoman. Bags are also essential for when you go with your boyfriend for a romantic meeting.

As the new season is just started, invest your spare money in latest and essential purse. When you investing in handbags, you will never go wrong about selecting bags and adding classic stylish bags in your wardrobe. There are many types of handbags but today I will tell you 6 luxury handbags which every girl should add in her wardrobe. Have a look…

Black everyday bag

Black everyday bag

The classic black everyday bag is one of the most essential bags and it has been a must-have bag for decades. It is simple, stylish, fashionable, and large enough to take it on your workplace. It is large enough to bring your laptop, mobile, battery bank, cosmetics, and many other accessories in it. You can also go with white, brown or copper colors because these colors are neutral and go with every piece that you wear. But when you start your collection try to get black bag first.

Casual Purse

casual purse

When you want to stay casual or go for some casual get together with your family or friends, this bag may help you a lot. This bag is big enough to carry your essential things and stylish enough to look you fashionable and up-to-date. This bag is also good when you want a bag to take with you for shopping. This bag is good to keep your things well casual. You can go with different colors other than neutral like navy blue which matches with your jeans or dark pink if you want a little girly touch.

Chain bag or cross body bag

chain bag

Crossbody bag looks more elegant and comfortable. When you go shopping you need to free your hands to pick fruits and vegetables at the farmers market or when you go for any dance party these bags are perfect for you. If you expect to have your hands full on a certain day, you need these types of bag. You can buy more than one because they are very comfortable and amazingly wearable. This bag can be worn with a chain so you look more stylish and polished.

Fun bag

fun bags

If you want and you have enough money buy fun bags. It can be any shape and structure of your choice but the shape may be funny and weird. The shape may be very large or smiling or eye candy shape. Fun bags are now more in fashion. When you go for your girly casual gathering or when you go hiking, running or cycling, grab your fun bag and put everything that you need during your day tour. Make sure you have these bags just for fun. The most fun ones are usually in the evening category. Take your bags collection at a totally new level and enjoy with it.

Classic Luxury Bag

classic luxury bag

I think in the ideal world, we’d all have a wardrobe brimming with extravagance purses, in any case, there’s something so unique about having one. For all the working ladies out there, this is the ideal pack for you! This is the pack you take when you need everybody to know you’re here for business. It’s little enough not to get in your direction, and sufficiently huge to convey all your work fundamentals. It’s an unquestionable requirement have for all business women. This may not be the most vital fundamental purse on this list, but you will never regret if you buy one of this type of bag.

Weekender Piece


A weekender isn’t only ideal for your end of the week excursions yet additionally comes conveniently in your everyday life. These packs can be immediately changed into duffel bags, portable items, and even infant stuff sack. You can also use these bags as baby stuff bags or gym bag. This pack permits conveying more stuff effectively in an anchored way.

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