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7 Effortless and Painless exercises for face fat removal

7 Effortless and Painless exercises for face fat removal

Just like physical exercise, facial exercise is equally important. Face fat, double chin, chubby face and invisible cheekbone are the most depressing thing. We always wish to get the cheekbone structure like Angeline Jolie and the jawline structure like Johnny Deep. Somehow it seems impossible to get face structure exactly like them but with doing some exercise you can make your face slim, get rid of the double chin and make your jawline and cheekbone more visible.

You can also enhance your face structure with make and reduce face fat from yoga but for temporary. If you want to get permanent change then you have to do these exercises. For this exercise, you don’t need an expert or spend money. You can do these exercises in your home easily.

I compile some easy face exercises which show result instantly and you can lose your face fat in 15 days instead of doing face fat removal surgeries or double chin surgery. Just have a look.

1. Chew gum

chew gum

Chew sugar-free gum thrice in a day for 40 minutes to 1 hour. This actually works as a facial exercise. It cut your calories and change your cheeks from chubby to flatter. It also melts fat cells from your face that make them look fat and make your face visibly thin and toned. When you continuously chewing gum it is also helpful for enhancing your jawline and face structure.

You can also blow it and make a bubble. It is helpful to make your face slim and change your cheeks from chubby to flatter. Look upward and make a bubble, when you blow air, it is also useful for your double chin. Hold for 10 second and release. Repeat it when you chewing gum.

2. Blow balloon

Young woman blowing pink bubble gum bubble, portrait

Young woman blowing pink bubble gum bubble, portrait

Blow balloons are a little bit difficult thing to do but it is very helpful and useful to make your face slim and tone your face. Blowing balloons is an exercise for your face muscle. It impacts on the cheeks, jaws and neck muscles and tones them to provide the natural facelift. Simply take a balloon and fill it with air. When you fill it you feel the muscle of your cheeks is expanding.

When you fully expand your face muscle stay as long as you can and then release it. Do this 10 times for at least 10 seconds in a day. This technique is simple but bit difficult, but surely this technique really works. You can show a result in 10 days and the result is very prominent.

3. Fish face

fish face

This exercise is for tightening your cheekbones, spreading cheek muscles and loses face fat fast. This exercise is also called smiling fish face. This exercise is so easy, you can do it anytime and anywhere like while cooking, watching TV, during listening to your favorite music or during walking.

Gently suck your cheeks inside your mouth and pucker your lips outward. Stay in this position, control your breath in your mouth for 40 seconds. After 40 second takes a break, breathe out and repeat again. Repeat this cycle slowly after five seconds at least 10 times in every session. Do this exercise at least two times in a day.

4. Fish blow exercise

O Shaped Exercise-Exercises-Lips-Lip-Pout-Pouty Lips

O Shaped Exercise-Exercises-Lips-Lip-Pout-Pouty Lips

This exercise is a reverse of fish face exercise. In fish exercise you released breathe from your mouth and but in this exercise, you hold breathe in your mouth. Blowing your cheeks outward, allow them to expand, maintain this position for 40 seconds and relax. Blow out your cheeks again for 30 minutes. Do this two times in a day.

It requires you to work your facial muscles in opposite direction. It is good for your double chin, jawline, cheekbones, and slims your face. You can do it in an idle time. You can see the result in 8 to 10 days.

5. Hot towel treatment

towel treatment

Hot towel treatment is also one of the effective ways to reduce your face fat. It may sound weird but it works tremendously. After facial or any skin treatment take hot towel treatment. When you take facial steam it causes the face to sweat and prevents your face pores to store fats in it which makes your face looks fat.

You just simply take hot water place your face on it with bearable distance and cover with the towel. Take steam for 15 minutes and feel relax. Repeat this process for three times or for an hour. Facial steam opens your pores and tunes your chubby cheeks.

6. Stretch face muscle

stretch face muscle

If you want to set anything at its position so stretch it either inward or outward, up or down, left or right. So similarly if you want to set face muscle you can stretch it. It is another technique of the face muscles exercise to stretch your muscle with your hand. You can do it with your lower chin, cheeks, and jawline.

If you have a double chin, then look upward and press your lower chin skin in the downward direction toward your chest to move your muscle and spread your lower chin muscles to eliminate lower chin. Do this three times in a day. It may take time but its result is impressive.

7. Smiling treatment


You always listen that the smile is the medicine of everything. It is the best opportunity to slim down your cheeks and lessen your face fats. Smile tightens your cheeks and mouth. When your smile your muscle gets to stretch and this stretching muscle may lose the fat of your skin and really helpful in resolve the problem of skin fat.

Clench your teeth for a few second and pucker your lips. First, pucker your lips on the right side and then pucker your lips on left. Keep your eyeball straight. You can do this at any time of the day and do as much time as you want. It has no disadvantage.

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