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7 most common and awful makeup mistakes

7 most common and awful makeup mistakes

Makeup may help you to look more stunning and attractive but only when you know the right way. But if you do not know how to do makeup properly then it destroys your good looks fully. It happens with everyone. Sometimes when we do makeup we apply eyeliner wrong, forget to do lip lining, use too much concealer, don’t blend eye makeup or anything that makes us horrible. Besides this, sometimes we make our self-looks much older than our age due to mistakes that we made during doing makeup.

Well, today I am here to tell you about that mistake due to which we suffer from all these bad conditions. Read it and try to ignore the worst mistake and improve your makeup skills.

Store makeup on wrong place

store makeup at wrong place

Most of you are a habit to store makeup products in-store or in the room temperature which is not a good thing and it is your one of the big mistake. Not all but many beauty products contain natural oils and waxes. In summer they start destroying because of temperature. In summer temperature is high and products start melting that contains waxes especially lipsticks, creams, nail polish.

Try to store makeup product in the fridge at least in summer or in hot weather for their long life. Makeup products work more efficiently and perfectly when you store them in a cool place. A lot of products is also tested to hold up at room temperature but not all products. When these products are cold they will help seal up your pores and feel that much more amazing then it’s hot.

Plucking eyebrows improperly

plucking eyebrowa

The shape of your eyebrows is really mattered. If the shape of your eyebrows is very thin and curvy, you look elder and clever. Normally, many of you make your eyebrows very thin when you going to pluck one stray may lead you to the next until the eyebrows are reduced to two thin lines. After that, the only thing you can do is waiting. Wait until they grow back again completely.

During this time if you want to go anywhere then you can use an eyebrow pencil. Try to choose a correct color because filling in your brows make a huge difference in your face shape, frame your eyes and it gathers the whole look together. If your eyebrows are already thin, then you can also use the pencil to make it thick according to your face cut and shape.

Matching foundation on the back of your hand

matching foundation on wrong place

Selecting foundation according to your face color is the bit tricky. Many women don’t even get the foundation that matches with their skin or they don’t recognize which is good for them. You usually match foundation on the back of our hand which is not right. Because there is a huge difference between your hand and face skin type and color. Match foundation color on your neck and outside of your cheeks because you want the foundation for your face and neck not for your hands.

Try to go with one or two-tone darker than your face. In Asia, women like to put the foundation in lighter tune because they think they look fair in it. But when you use lighter tone your skin become grey after some time. Choose a darker tone foundation. Select three or four tones and take a drop from each foundation on your neck or cheeks. Compare each spot and pick the one that disappears on your skin.

Apply too much foundation

Basic concept which you listen for many years that applying the thick layer of foundation on your face is helping you to cover fine lines, acne, uneven tone and many other problems. It is true up to some extent but there is a disadvantage which is if you apply too much foundation on your face you look way older than your age. Apply foundation in small quantity.

There is no need to apply layers of foundation on your face. The thing which is needed is to blend it perfectly. If you do not blend it well, it will look like you wear a mask and the lines which you want to hide become more prominent. The blending is also essential because if you do not blend it well cracks start showing on your foundation layer which seems worse. For blending take proper brushes and make sure to replace old brushes and wedges regularly.

Use eyelashes curler after mascara

use eyelashes curler

Eyelashes curler is a tool through which you can beautify your lashes. It provides beautiful curls to your lashes. The proper way to use lashes curler is before applying mascara. If you want to get perfect curls, then go at the base of the lashes to create perfect curls. If you use after applying mascara, it ruins everything. If you want to use it after mascara, then first wait few minutes until mascara gets dry. Check with the fingertip, if mascara gets dry then use lashes curler.

Use dark lipsticks

Try to select and apply lipstick wisely. If you use dark colors, it makes your lips look thinner than they are and also you appear older. If you use dull color, it dulls your overall look which looks boring. Lipstick color may destroy your appearance if the colors you wear are not in fashion. You can go with lip-glosses to produce the most natural, youthful and fresh look possible. Also never use the dark lip liner because dark lip color won’t stray beyond the boundaries so lip liner is unnecessary.

If you want that your lipstick stays long on your lips so don’t apply on your naked lips. Before applying lip color dab your lips with primer or Vaseline. Let it soak for a while, in this time you complete your routine makeup. After 5 to 7 minutes, apply lipstick. When you do this, your lipstick stays long and looks much more smooth and even.

Sleep with makeup

sleep with makup

The worst mistake which you can do with your face is not too off your makeup and wash your face before going to bed for sleep. Don’t look at the clock, no worry if clock show you 3 am. Always take a time to remove your makeup. If you don’t do this, you must wake up with panda eyes and joker looks. Makeup blocks your pores and doesn’t let them remove dead skin cells which causes irritation.

After washing your face with water dry your face with the towel. Take a few drops of cleanser and rub on your face slowly, in the circular motion. It helps to remove makeup particles from your pores and open your pores to let your skin breath finely.

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