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8 Incredible trick to look thinner with fashion and style

wear jewelry

Every woman feels conscious about their weight. They want to look thinner and smarter. You have many ways to keep yourself smart like diet, exercise, running and walking. But today I am going to tell you a different way through which you may look thinner and almost five pounds lighter than your original weight. Whether your body is the pear shape, apple shape or glass shape you just need to know about your shape and according to your shape take perfect clothing guide. You just need to use some stylish trick. Now the point is how to dress to look slim and how to dress thinner.

First of all, try to wardrobe built according to your body shape I am going to tell you 8 incredible tricks for wardrobe built if you want to look thinner with fashion and style.

1. Wear high heels

wear high heels

The best way to look thinner is wearing the high heel. In high heels, your legs look long and lean and when your legs look lean it helps to create a leaner look overall. You can go with nude color high heels because nude shoes go with every color and make your leg look longer since the contrasting shoe color tends to interrupt your leg’s line.

You don’t need to wear stilettos with 5 to 6” high heels. 2 to 3” height can make a big difference. Look for wedges and chunky heels so that you still are comfortable and they are much easier to walk in. you should be careful with your shoes as they can cut off your legs. You can also go with ankle strap shoes to make you feel more secure and prevent your feet from rolling.

You can also wear pumps, boots and sandal matching to your skin color. Matching shoes with your leg’s skin tone will create an illusion of long length leg. Wear black tights with black flats are also a go-to look for summer. But the best option is to wear skin tone color shoes with bare legs.

2. Tie hair up and off your face

tie hair up

The one reason due to which you look fat is your height. If you are small in height you will automatically look fat and wider. You can cover your height with heels but if you don’t feel comfortable in heels than you have to use this trick. Tie your hair up off to your face. Don’t open your hairs. If you want to open them then give them a volume.

Make a high bun in your center of the head. Pilling up your hair on to the top of your head also give you a taller impression. And if your look taller then automatically you will look less wide. You can also go with high ponytail or puff. Pull the tresses into a ponytail at high on the back of your head and slightly tease at the crown. It gives you height in inches.

The other benefit of tying your hairs up is it bring out your bone structure that makes your face thinner which also affects your body structure. If your face looks thinner your body automatically looks thinner. So this is the good news for those who have the thinner face and prominent jawline.

3. Add vertical detail and avoid horizontal detail

vertical strips

Strips also help you to look thinner and taller. But strips are your best friend or worst enemy. It’s all about how you take strips, in vertically or in horizontally. If you wear the outfit with horizontal strips it gives you width and if you wear the outfit with vertical strips it gives you length. Vertical stripes create long lines, thus making you look, well and longer.

Horizontal stripes are good if you wear them on the chest but it is deadly when you are wearing them around your hips. If you have pear shape than wear vertical strips around your hips it gives you slim look and hides your pear shape.

Vertical details prompt eye to look up and down instead of side to side. Horizontal strips prompt your eyes to look side to side due to which you look fat. And strips are also the biggest trend nowadays, so you will absolutely no problem to take some cute striped details.

4. Wear all one color

wear all one colour

If you want to look thin and stylish at the same time then go with a single color. It may look dramatic to wear single color from head to toe but this will create the illusion of length. You can go with dark color and also with light color.

Dark color recedes one’s appearance. Dark color like black or navy blue will maximize the skinny power. Dark colors always give you a look thinner and slimmer. It hides your fat very beautifully and gives you a new look.

Wearing light color can help you look taller and leaner for as long as you wear a monochromatic stuff. You may go with the same color or shades of one color. Wearing white is perfect for a thinner look, just like black.

5. Use shaper

body shper

Proper shapewear will give you proper shape and support to lift your body where you need. Most of the time your tummy is the only thing which makes you look fat. For your bulky tummy body shaper is necessary. It gives you a slimmer and longer look and also smooth and streamlines other parts of your body.

Body shaper doesn’t necessary to look like something that is worn in your grandma time. Nowadays you can use fashion details like lace or contrast in the undergarments give you a wonderful combination of beauty and brawn.

Give shapewear a try. It gives you a fashionable selection of undergarments that lift and hide your flaws and also hide your tummy. And it is also petty comfortable for all seasons too.

6. Perfect undergarments

under garments

This is the most common and every woman knows this tip. But it is worth repeating. If you want to look 5 pounds less than your weight than wearing a right size of bra. If you wear the wrong size of bra then chances are high to look more than your weight. And if you are droopy, then you don’t only look heavier but also look older than your age which is hilarious.

If you are not good at this then visit a store and ask to meet with a fit specialist. She will give you the best advice and give you a bra according to your size.

7. Wear in Layers

layer clothes

Let me simply break this fantasy for the last time. Everyone believes that including more layers implies including additional pounds, however that is extremely not genuine. Including layers gives your body definition. Additionally, it doesn’t give any person an immediate perspective of your body.

Extra layers also cover yours unflattering body parts and give you straight body shape. Try this layers trick in your next event or party; it is a blessing.

8. Wear Jewelry

wear jewelry

Wear stylish jewelry and augment your look with points of interest like an accessory, hoops, scarf, handkerchief, watch, and so on. It converts the attention of people far from anything unflattering and you look more confident and prominent.

In the event that you are wearing shapewear, likewise, consider belts that are dull and enormous or svelte and that secure at the abdomen. You can also wear layered neckless in order to hide your chest and neck.

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