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9 exercise to reduce your belly at home

9 exercise to reduce your belly at home

The hardest thing that you ever do in your life reduces your belly fat. It heartbreaking when you see you are not fit in jeans or top which you bought last year. If it is due to belly fat then trust me you are not the only one who suffers from this. Out of five, three women are not satisfied with their belly shape and fat. And if you count yourself in these three women who are not satisfied with their belly shape then you should ready yourself to make a few changing in your lifestyle to obtain perfect shape.

Belly increase due to many reasons like when you don’t take perfect diet or take stress or take a meal at an odd time or don’t take a complete sleep or some hormonal problems are also affect your health. Some people gain fat from their genes.

You can control your belly in many ways like take proper diet, take nutrients, do yoga and exercise. Today I tell you some easy exercise which you can do at home and obtain a perfect belly. If you don’t take time from your busy routine to go gym or you are not able to bear expensive gym membership, then do read this. From this you able to reduce your belly at home.


Try running for a change. Running is the effective way to keep your heart rate proper, burn calories and reduce excess belly fat. Spare at least 15 minutes from your routine for running. You can run at any time. It is good to run in the morning but it is not necessary. Specialist says to run in the morning because in morning air is pollution free and clean which is good for you. But you can also run in the evening. It gives you equal benefit.


Swimming not only reduces your body but also tone your body at the same time. In order to burn more calories, you should choose up-tempo and strenuous. You don’t need to swim every day at the start. You can start with once or twice in a week. Slowly when your routine become set then go every day. Swimming will also help you to get a cardio workout for your body.



Cycling is another effective way. Cycling is aerobic in nature, helping you to burn extra fat. If you really want to burn calories, then do it in sets for out all effort. Each set lasting three minutes with 30 seconds of rest in between. As you improve you can keep longer. Research shows your body also unleashes human growth hormone, which helps you burn fat after just 10 to 30 second of high-intensity cycling.


Crunches obtain number on the position in fat-burning exercises. Nothing can burn belly fat faster than crunches. Do crunches for 10 minutes as a beginning. Slowly increase the number of crunches. Do it in a form of the set. While performing crunches, raise your back a few inches from the ground and ensure you don’t hurt your back.

  • Lie down flat on the mat and bend your legs off on the floor.
  • Lift your hand back to your head.
  • Keep them crossed on your chest
  • Inhale deeply, and as you lift your upper torso off the floor, exhale.
  • Inhale again as you get back down.

Reverse Crunching

Just like crunches. Reverse crunch is also a good exercise for belly fat. This exercise routine is very similar to crunch exercise but here you will have to rotate your shoulder in the direction of the other shoulder. Keeps your back straight while performing reverse crunching. If you don’t do it, it can result in pain or injury.

  • Lie down on the mat, bend your legs and lift your hand behind your head.
  • Now move your upper body toward your knees just like the crunch but here, you twist your right shoulder toward the left and the left torso must be on the ground.
  • Repeat the same way on the other side.


This exercise work on your whole body especially arms and stomach. Men can do proper pushups but women start with knee pushups. You just bend and place your hand on a floor; this is your starting position. You just need to do one pushup and back to your starting position. After this, you need to move your right knee forward and touch right elbow then move your left knee and touch left elbow. This is a complete exercise. Women begin with this exercise and do this for 1 minute. After this come toward proper pushups. This will build strength in your body and helps you to move your belly toward the inside.


Skipping is easy, simple to do and entertaining. So when you feel bored go and do it. It is best time pass and perfect exercise for reducing belly fat. This is the best exercise for both men and women. It is a simple answer to the most difficult question that how to lose stomach?

Just take a simple rope or skipping rope and jump for 1 minute with it. Start with slow for 20 seconds. When you warm up then go to an intensive one. You can do it in 2 ways.

  • Jump with both legs
  • Jump with one leg

Jump with both legs can be a better choice. At once, when you warm enough you start sweating. Keep your knees and legs straight when you jumping. You need to try it. It is an interesting and happy five minutes exercise for reduce belly. You can take a short break of 10 seconds after every three minutes.


Your body burns calories when you do any tough and difficult exercise. Planks are also one of the tough exercises to do. Planks burn your calories more rapidly and tuned your belly. Planks are the great alternative to crunches, they can improve your abs strength and improve your posture. You can easily modify planks into other planks forms like side planks, knee planks, forearm planks etc.

  • Lie on the floor like you are about to start doing push-ups.
  • Set your palms on the floor, next to your shoulders.
  • Ground the toy on the floor.
  • Your body should make a straight line on the floor.
  • Hold breathe as long as you can without compromise on your position.



Sometimes belly fat is due to the hormonal problems or taking too much stress. Doing yoga is one of the best and cheapest way to release your stress. You only need one pillow (for your back support) and a mat. It is a kind of medication that makes your mental health better and give you strength. It also toned your body and help you to stay in shape. Some yoga poses also help you to balance your hormones like the fish pose, sphinx pose, savasana etc.

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