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7 most common and awful makeup mistakes

Makeup may help you to look more stunning and attractive but only when you know the right way. But if you do not know how to do makeup properly then it destroys your good looks fully. It happens with everyone. Sometimes when we do makeup we apply eyeliner wrong, forget to do…
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Snacking is good but healthy snacking is even better…! Despite the fact that there is a large number of ready-made snacks are available everywhere. But it’s good to eat homemade, clean and healthy snacks which are also good for your health. In your busy routine it is…
Food & Recipes

10 Mouthwatering No Bake Dessert

It’s hot July, and no one want to stand in front of oven to fulfill their dessert need. I love desserts that’s why, I always try different recipes of desserts. If you want to easy and delicious dessert in a quick way without burning in heat than here, you go. Here is a…

10 Glittering ways to feed your soul

They say: “Whatever is good for your soul DO that” Sometimes we feel down and blue after listening to the bad news or due to ordinary day problems and negative people. I want to encourage you to sit at the side and think about yourself that why you feel empty and blue.