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Best Beginner Full Body Workout for Weight Loss

Best Beginner Full Body Workout for Weight Loss

When your body is not in shape, you always feel conscience and no dress suits you. But when you shape up your body you feel confident even in your swimming suit and you feel free to wear whatever you want. Start with your favorite skinny jeans to any sexy cocktail dress, every dress suits you. It’s not about any special place on your body where fat start gathers and look bad. Fat seems bad in every part of your body; head to toe. So it’s better to start the workout that affects your whole body not only one or two parts of your body.

Most of us don’t like to work out but if you want to get perfect body shape or if we start exercise we want to result in the shortest amount of time. Today I’m going to tell you some exercises which help you to reduce fat from your whole body and shape your whole body in a very short time. You just need to spare some time every day from your busy routine. These full body exercises are easy to do. Let’s start.


It is a full body exercise used in strength training and it is an aerobic exercise. With every step you’ll work your abs, arms, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and legs, basically, it gives strength to your whole body. For this exercise, you don’t need any equipment and go for a gym but it needs your own body weight so you don’t have the real excuse for not to do it.


How to perform: Basic movement is performing in four steps, begin in a standing position.

  1. Get in squad position and put your hands on the ground
  2. Keeping your hand extends and kicking your feet back in plank position
  3. Instantly Return your feet in the squat position
  4. Now jump up from a squat position


For this exercise, you may use an elevated platform, which must be rigid and smooth. This exercise targets your full body especially your legs and down body and make them thinner and back in shape. You need to straighten your knees, chest, and back against resistance and also straight your body and feet. When you do it in speed, you get sweat, when you get sweat extra fats start melting.

Step up

How to perform: You can perform this exercise just in a two-step, start from standing position. Stand in front of any low height bench or stair.

  • Take a step and place your right foot firmly on the step and press your right foot into the step and push your body until your right leg is straight.
  • Now lower your body back down until your left foot touches the floor again.
  • Repeat same with left leg.


This exercise is the little bit tough and when you do it, your body is paining but you listen to this simple phrase “no pain no gain”. This exercise basically targets your whole body starting from your neck to your feet but especially your lower abs. You need to keep your body tight throughout the exercise. You can also use a rope to get proper form but without the rope, it also works.

criss crosses

How to perform: You can perform this in 6 steps

  • Lie on the floor on your back and put your hands behind your head.
  • Bring you both legs at the same time in tabletop position.
  • Now together squeeze your inner thighs,
  • Rotate your ribcage to right and exhale.
  • Bend right knees and push it toward your left arm.
  • Switch and do same, bring your left knees toward your right arm as possible.


This exercise is used in strength training. It works on a large number of muscles in your arms, shoulder, and chest at the same time. You need two dip bars that should be parallel, stable and fixed. Don’t do dips on rings or between benches, it may hurt your shoulder or your body. Parallel bar is best for dips, so use parallel bars.


How to perform: You can perform this set of exercise in four simple steps, these are given below.

  • Grab the parallel dip bars and push yourself up.
  • Keeping your elbows at your side.
  • Start lower yourself until your triceps are parallel to the floor.
  • When you hit parallel, explode back up just before you are able to lock your elbow.
  • If you want, cross your legs and bend your knees.
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