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Best Braid Styles – With Images

Braid Styles 2

1. Three strand Braid

Part your hair in three. Combine end two parts and pass outside part across the center. Then pass the first part across the center. Repeat alternating one side and the other. Repeat again and again until you reach the length.

Three strand braid

2. Four strand Braid

Four strand braid

Putt hair in one side. Pick four strand of hair. Number them. Braid number 1 over 2 and 3 over 4 and then 4 over 1. Then renumber for each braid with the sequence. Again do the same 1 over 2 and 3 over 4 and 4 over 1. Repeat the same until you reach the desired length and tie them.

3. French Braid

French braid

You may start from the center of your head. Take 3 chunks of hair from the center and tie one time in a traditional three-strand braid. Then put 1-inch hair from one side and pass through it from the braid. Then put 1-inch hair from other side and do same. Repeat this process until you do with all hairs.

4. Crown Braid

Crown braid

The easiest method to make a crown braid is to take a small part of your hair from one side. Make three-strand braid. Then pin it on the other side of your head. Do same with another side.

5. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid

Divide your hair into two equal parts. Then take a small part of your hairs from the far end of the left side and add it in the right side. Now it is the part of the right side. Then take a small part of hair from the far end of the right side and add it in the left side. Do same alternatively every time until your all hairs are tied.

6. Upside Down Braid

Upside Down Braid

Flip your hairs upside down. From upside down take small chunks of your hairs and make french tail start form the naps of your neck. Continue it until you have gone one-third of your hairs and fasten them with a pony. Make high bun of remaining hairs and tie them.

7. Box Braid

Box Braid

Divide your hairs in four horizontally. Tie them individually. Take a pinch of hair from one part and make a simple braid from it. And tie it from the end. Do same with rest of your hairs.

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