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Bucket List: 30 things to do before 30

Bucket List: 30 things to do before 30

You always read about bucket list for travel, bucket list for adventure, bucket list for teenager but here I’ll talk about something different.

When you are teenager you have a bucket of wishes and you want to fulfill before you turn 30. After 30 you busy with your job, you have less free time, you feel that you become old and more importantly, your memory starts the decline. In my opinion, you have to fulfill your all wishes because when you are at 60, at least you have something for the laugh and you can say that you have good memories.

I know you have already a list of wishes but also add these wishes in your bucket because when you remind about them you defiantly feel glad that you do these things.

1. Know your family past

Knowing about your family history and talk to your parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles will give you a new sense of meaning and understanding. To visit your hometown and know about your culture.

2. Start saving

Saving is best for your future. When you start saving money from your younger age, you have more money when you going to enjoy your golden years with your partner. It will help you for the long term.

3. Learn to organize yourself

Organize you are kinda think which will pay off later. It reduces your stress and saves money and time. When you out of stress you enjoy every moment of your life.

4. Do something scary

It gives you strength and makes you strong. Also, when you are old you scare from everything, at least then you will have these great memories when you look back. If you feel scares from the height, do skydiving. If you feel scared of water, do swimming. Just do it before you turn 30.

5. Work with someone you admire

It will not only make you happy but also give you more and big ideas, and skills to achieve your big ideas.

6. Travel alone

Travel alone is the thrill, adventure. Do this adventure as soon as possible. Make memories and make pictures of these memories.

7. Read novels about women

Take a time and read about female fascinating character. It gives you the sense of what women are in past, and how history affects today’s women.

8. Create something

Improve your creation skill, start with small – pick notebook and pencil and sketch something or play music and create your own dance step. Do these not for other or to show everyone… do these for yourself, for your happiness and for making memories.

9. Stop blaming yourself

It’s not good to blame yourself all the time. Try to get over it. If you blame yourself all the time, you will never move forward and nothing make you happy ever.

10. Stop holding grudges

You don’t need negativity in your life. Holding grudges about someone may disturb you all your life long. You do not need to think about something that is happened years ago.

11. Overcome your fears

Fears always hold you back but don’t let them do this with you. Try to overcome your fear and fight with them publicly and privately.

12. Make first people who apologize

Admit your fault and apologize for this. It hard to admit your fault but once you do it, it may give you relieve and also people respect you more. Do it for the greater good.

13. Learn to forgive yourself

Forgive yourself and move on. Realizing you do some mistake like insult someone or reject some good job offer and starting feeling that it is the end of the world, but it’s not.

14. Reduce extra kilos

My every year resolution is I reduce my weight, sometimes I accomplished but sometimes I can’t. Reduce your weight before you turn 30 and maintain yourself after 30.

15. Be someone’s role model

Make yourself good enough, so someone starts to admire you. For me, it is your lifetime achievement. When someone admires you, it refers to your good deed. Increase your deed good still, you have time and energy.

16. Admire someone as your role model

Make someone your role model and takes their good deed and makes them yours.

17. Learn how to dress up

If you dress up perfectly it may change your whole personality. It’s good to learn, what suits you.

18. Learn driving

One of my biggest wishes is to learn driving and drive alone on a dark night. It is a bit scary but its funs too. Learn driving and be independent.

19. Find crazy best friend forever

A best friend is tease you like a brother, supports you like a sister, care you like mother and protect you like a father. You need a best friend in your every phase of life. Find one who knows you better than you. No doubt it is a blessing if you have a crazy best friend. Make a one and make your time more memorable.

20. Learn to save money

Make a habit of saving money. It’s tough but it’s worth it. Save money for tough time, when you get old and also save money for good time.

21. Fail and learn

If you do something and you fail, don’t take it on your heart. See what you forget while doing this. Learn from your failure, so when you do this next time, you succeed.

22. Learn to move on

Don’t stick with a thing that is not meant to be. If it is not meant for you to keep the trust that it is not good for you. Move on a search what is made for you and what is good for you.

23. Set boundaries

Know your limits and know where you are standing. If you want to do something first set your boundaries and takes a strict discussion not to cross your boundaries.

24. Set life goals

Life without goals is useful. It’s good to set goals early and start trying to achieve your goals. If you set goals it organized your life very well.

25. Ignore gossips about yourself

The most favorite hobby of people is doing criticize and gossips about others. Don’t listen them, if you want to achieve something. Do your work because other people don’t know you and not help you. The thing they can do is gossiping.

26. Trust yourself

It’s very important to trust yourself. If you trust on yourself, you can do what you want to do. The first step toward achieve something is trust yourself.

27. Learn to say yes and no

If you don’t want to do something but someone forcing you to do it, clearly say NO. It is most difficult thing but it is necessary.

28. Educate yourself

Educate yourself from all aspects. Whether it is curricular or extracurricular. Learn which thing is good, which is bad or which is bad for you. It is most important to educate yourself for your future life.

29. Cook for yourself

Cook for other is good but cook for you are something different. Try different things and eat. It develops your taste about different foods and it is a good method to spare your time for yourself.

30. Learn to share things with others

Share things with other will help you to learn the worth of love and care. If you share your most important thing with someone, it not only gives you a good feeling but also develop a respect feeling for you in other person heart.

One extra advice

Make a list of 40 things that you do before turning 40.

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