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Abira Nasir is a lead content writer at The Girls Lifestyle since 2016. Her passion is to help girls in all aspects of health, fitness, fashion and many other problems that girls can face in their lives. Her goal is to provide trending information about human life to ladies and keep them updated.
Life Rule: "Never depend on others for your happiness."


  • Michelle Broadnax 6 months ago

    Coconut oil is great for my curly, dry hair. I use a very moisturizing cream and put the coconut oil over top to really lock in the moisturizer and my curls look hydrated and in beautiful ringlets.

    Great post! x


  • Joanna Stephens 6 months ago

    Wow, I had no idea there were so many great benefits of coconut oil! I am going to put this on my grocery list next time I go to the store.

  • Shannon 6 months ago

    I use coconut oil in a lot of my baking, in place of butter, and absolutely love it! I also use a lot of beauty products with coconut oil!

  • Chantel 6 months ago

    This was very helpful; I have always wondered about the uses of coconut oil other than using it to cook. This cleared up a lot of questions that I have had and then some.

  • Cassie 6 months ago

    A lot of great info in this post :) I love using a mix of coconut oil and castor oil for my hair! In this heat, it gets so dry.

  • Charlotte Jessop 6 months ago

    I love this list! I always have coconut oil in the house and use it for so many things. Coconut oil and breastmilk are my answers to most of life’s problems. Haha!

  • Moni 6 months ago

    And one more – whitening the teeth :)

  • Nadalie Bardo 6 months ago

    And another one is whitening teeth! It’s a little odd at first but it does work.

  • Kayleen Foster 6 months ago

    I love coconut oil! Especially for my hair.

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