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Health benefits of coconut oil

Health benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil or copra oil is edible oil that extracted from mature coconuts yield from the coconut palm. It is high saturated fat content. Coconut oil also contains caprylic acid, lauric acid, and capric acid. Coconut oil has multiple health benefits including skin care, hair care, help in digestion and many others. Although many years ago coconut oil was not very common in many countries around the world but slowly people discover its benefits and now it is easily available in almost every big grocery store.

We can classify it as ‘super food’ because it is used in every work start from cooking to nails care. According to many research coconut oil has multiple health benefits. I collect some of its health benefits for all of you. Let see how many of you aware of these benefits.

Cancer prevention

Coconut oil contains two main elements, one is ketones and the other is triglycerides which contain the fatty acid. Ketone contains energy and tumor cell not able to reach this energy because they are glucose dependent. So, a ketogenic diet helps to recover cancer patient. The other element which is triglycerides, they digest the lipid wall of bacteria and kill Helicobacter pylori bacteria that increase the risk of stomach cancer. Coconut oil not only treats blood cancer but also helps to prevent cancer from developing.

Improve blood cholesterol

Saturated fats help to increase the good cholesterol in your body and decrease the amount of bad cholesterol. Coconut oil also contains saturated fats. It may improve your cholesterol level and level it. It is more effective than soybean oil as it reduces LDL more than soybean oil. Some studies also show that it improves blood circulation and improves blood coagulation factors.

Heart diseases

You read above that the coconut is helpful for improving cholesterol level and increase good fats. Coconut oil also prevents you from heart diseases like heart attack and heart failure. Coconut oil contains about 50% lauric acid which helps in rapidly preventing various heart problems. Coconut oil may help to maintain healthy lipid profiles so allowing coconut oil to help prevent coronary heart events by increase coconut oil intake.

Weight loss

weight loss

Coconut oil contains only 2.6% fewer calories because of fewer calories contain property, coconut oil group help to reduce your weight and waist size as compare to another oil group. Studies show that coconut oil contains long triglyceride chain, due to this coconut oil more helpful in losing weight than other oil who contain medium triglyceride chain. Massage coconut oil on your tummy and fatty areas are also helpful for losing weight. Take 16-week coconut oil diet and it will reduce your weight more than olive oil.

Increase cell generation

This is very unbelievable and unknown fact of coconut oil that it increases your cell generation. It increases your metabolism rate and when your metabolism rate is increased; your cell generation is speeding up too. Dead cells are removing from your body when your metabolism rate increases and when you take coconut oil it generates new and healthier cells. A doctor recommends coconut oil when you suffer from dengue virus because dengue virus slows down your new cell generation which is dangerous.

Fight infection

Coconut oil also promotes anti-fungus and anti-bacterial activities in your body. Coconut oil contains lauric acid which is effective in eliminating a large variety of bacteria and destroy the harmful organism. Lauric acid helps to destroy a bacterium that affects your stomach, teeth and increase food poisoning. Coconut oil is also good for newborn babies because they really need protection from bacteria and viruses and dangerous infections.

Reduce hair fall

Massage coconut oil on your scalp is the help to reduce hair fall. It moist your scalp and hairs and prevent your hairs from dandruff. Dandruff makes your hairs weak and makes them fall more often and continuously. Do massage your hairs and scalp with coconut oil at least two times in a week. It also gives your hairs shine and strength. So swap your normal oil with coconut oil and enjoy your long hairs and their long life.

Improve brain

In a research that performs recently and distributed in the Journal of Neurobiology of Aging, analysts found that the MCFAs in coconut oil enhanced the memory issues in their more established subjects.

improve brain

Over every one of the patients, there was a visible change in their review capacity in the wake of taking this unsaturated fat. As the MCFAs are assimilated effectively in the body and can be gotten to in the mind without the utilization of insulin. Subsequently, they can fuel cerebrum cells all the more effective.

Reduce skin issues

Coconut oil contains antibacterial properties due to the presence of medium chain fatty acid. Coconut oil also helps to reduce skin issues like acne and dry skin. There are many studies shows that lauric acid which contains nearly 50% of the fatty acid in coconut oil helps to reduce strain and patches on the skin and kill bacteria that linked with acne from the skin.

Coconut oil also helps to keep your skin hydrated and can moisturize dry skin. When your skin is hydrated, it is preventing from bacteria that promote scares and wounds on your skin. Coconut oil is good for healing scars, rapidly.

Prevent lips

The minerals in this coconut oil add a lot of dampness to fix the dryness and make your lips delicate, smooth, kissable and let be honest, flavorful! Rub coconut oil slowly on your lips and make your lips less dry, shiny and prevent your lips from cracks.

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