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How to be Happy Alone, 3 Simple Actions to Make Yourself Happy

How to be Happy Alone, 3 Simple Actions to Make Yourself Happy

People say that “being alone makes you lonely.” But I don’t agree with this statement. Loneliness teaches you the most important thing in life: to speak to yourself, your heart and your mind. Being alone may scare you but if you understand some little things you may change your scary alone time into a happy time. Being alone is a great thing. No drama, no headache, you just need to learn one thing that is: how you make yourself happy when you are alone. It is not as tougher as you think, it is a little three things which you should learn, understand and do.

Today, I tell you about these things. I hope you learn from it and change your loneliness into happiness.

Understand that you are enough for yourself and talk to yourself

If you are alone it’s not a big thing, you are enough for yourself. You don’t need anyone for talk, for play, for enjoyment. You can talk to yourself, you can play with yourself, and you can enjoy your own company. Once you put your belief on yourself, no one can steal happiness from you and from your life. You are enough; you have nothing to prove to anybody. Finding someone to spend time with you is easy but when you have high demand and standard to the person you allow in your life than it’s better to stay alone instead of allowing someone in your life which is not fit in your life. You are better happy alone.

Every person has an inner voice which talks them throughout the day at any place, when you are alone or when you are with someone. So, why not you talk to yourself? They say that when you talk to yourself you have some mental problem but I can say that it is totally normal. You can talk to yourself, in fact, you should learn that how you talk to yourself. One simple way to talk to you is standing in front of the mirror and says what you want to say by looking at your image in the mirror. Trust me, it’s too much fun.

Try something new

Michael Josephson says that:

If you want to be happy, learn to be alone without being lonely. Learn that being alone does not mean being unhappy. The world is full of plenty of interesting and enjoyable things to do.

Try new things that you never did before. It helps you to develop your interest in others things which give you happiness and fun time when you are alone. There are so many activities around the world which you should learn and busy yourself instead of sitting alone and think that there is no one with whom you enjoy and do something interesting, it may not make you sad but also leaves bad effects on your health and mind.

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You may spend your time on your favorite hobbies; it might be painting, drawing, dancing, playing, hiking, camping or anything that makes you happy and busy. If you have nothing to do anything or you have not any hobby than go and cook for yourself, despite the fact that you don’t know how to cook.

Keep yourself busy

Instead of sit alone and free, try to do something creative. Read something good that make your mind relax or read something informative, read about history or some love stories. You can utilize your time well by self-educate yourself. You can also watch any comedy movie or your favorite drama. Listen to your favorite song or sing any happening song. Improve your skills in free time. If you don’t want to do these things go and take a bath. It makes you fresh and calm. Do whatever you want but keep yourself busy. It helps you to stay away from bad thoughts and sadness.

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