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How to drastically enhance your look?

How to drastically enhance your look?

In case you’re hoping to change your appearance, you don’t have to suddenly change an entire makeover and turn into a totally new individual. Not exclusively does that require some serious energy and cash, however it could feel radical. Fortunately, there are easily overlooked details you can do that can improve your appearance, and they don’t require purchasing costly items exchanging up your own style. Rather, they’re simply modest traps and propensities that can enable you to feel more certain, alluring, and agreeable in your own skin.

Some require switching up your closet and others include some skincare, yet these little changes don’t take long, won’t cost you much, and will abandon you feeling like the best form of yourself. You can do them just for an additionally startling change. It’s about what feels right and consistent for you.

Changing is difficult but not impossible. Here are few tips for you to enhance/change your look.

Hair Romance

A small change in hair or hairstyle can ultimately change in your lookup. you may cut them in layers or steps or simply cut a flick from the front, coloring them or just streak them in different colors. Try to switch the parting of your hairs from left to right or right to mid, making lose bun or braid or twist them. This small changing may change your look completely.

Nail Care

Your nails although a very minor part of your body but show the lot about you. Try to clean them on regular bases. Give them a proper shape.it might be oval shape tipped paint with a don red polish, square shape nails you may paint with baby pink or dull brown color. Instead of giving them a rounded shape, file them from the corners. Paint your nail or polish them in at least once in a week. It not only makes your hand and feet beautiful, also give you a refreshing feeling.

Moisturize skin

As food is essential for us similar moisturizer plays a vital role to protect our skin from damage, roughness, dryness, and acne. Instead of applying highly price lotion or cream just take skim milk and start moisturizing from it. It works. Or you may use honey with cinnamon powder and apply them on the skin.it gives you a better cure of acne and black and whiteheads.



Your feet are truly defined by your personality and look up to some extent. You should try to clean and clear your feet. and one of the favorite methods to enhance the beauty of your feet is the pedicure. You may be done the pedicure in a home as well. Just take a hot water to add some shampoo and vinegar in it. place your feet in it. It will truly help you. Shape your nails in round or oval not square with the help of nail cutter and cuticle cutter used for cutting overgrown cuticle layer at the base of the nail.

Shut your eyes

Sleep as well as shut-eye is also so important for us. It not only helps us to fight disease also affect our mood and weight. To relax your mind and keep you active and for the look, great get it into a routine that, add a two or three drop of lavender oil in a bathtub before bathing and tell your body that it’s time to rest. And place sub beautiful and refreshing fragrance in your sleeping room for restful night’s sleep.

Remove sun Tan

Summer is finally gone but many of us suffering from tan. And you are going to spend your money for a dozen of chemical to remove sun tan from your skin. Now you can remove sun tan from home remedies to enhance your skin color and give you a fresh look. Take two tablespoons of gram flour, add the pinch of turmeric, drop of lemon and milk for making the thick mixture. if your skin is sensitive you may add rose water instead of lemon. Apply this mask on your face and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash it. Result will surely amuse you.



Exercise is one of the main ways to look good and stay healthy. It is not necessary for hours you are doing exercise. 30 to 40 minutes daily are enough for you to keep so healthily and good. You did not need to join the gym or any yoga classes. Just need to lighten your evening by walk in a park daily. Or do pushups, skipping and running. It is enough for you to look good, smart, active and fresh. You may also do swimming and dancing.

Lips Beauty

Lips are one of the most attractive and most view part of our face. As the winter is coming to the biggest problem with the lips is it peeling off.it is not a virus or disease. It just that the lips skin is the change from a rest of the skin.in winter you have to apply Vaseline and chip stick after face wash and shower. You can also add one tablespoon ground sugar in one tablespoon of honey and rub it on your lips slowly to avoid the dead skin.

Teeth whitening

If we go through the major problems yellow tooth is one of the major problems. Yellow teeth leave the bad impact on your personality. To whiten your teeth just add fresh lemon juice in one tablespoon of baking soda and make a paste. Wipe your teeth from this and leave it for 1 minute. Then rinse it, to avoid acid effecting enamel. And get your white teeth back.


Last but not the least smile. It is the cheapest and easiest way to look good and remain good. Try to smile and in fact laugh more often. It is the only one thing that suits on everyone at every time.

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