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How to get the perfect tan? 13 foods that makes you tan


Beauty levels change now. In old time we all relate beauty with fairness, but now looking fair is out of fashion. People want to be dusty. For this, we all take the sunbath and try many other treatments. But maybe it is dangerous because of harmful UV rays. We all want to get the perfect tan but also wanting to avoid harmful rays.

Well, you have another option now. Eat foods that tan your skin naturally. Sound impossible? But I think it is possible. There are so many foods that tan you naturally and give you perfect summer glow which you search at spending lots of hour at the beach or lounging in the park. From skin cancer to advance aging, the sun has become an enemy you must always keep your eye on.

Adding certain food in your diet can actually give your skin a glow that resembles a beach made tan. Go with a food that contains Vitamin A, because vitamin A is critical for healthy skin, nails, and hairs. These foods speed up your tanning process. Now you are wondering how food helps you to look tanner. They contain pigments that give you glow and prevent wrinkles by crushing free radical that damage your skin after you’ve spent too much time in the sun.

There are many foods that make your skin darker. Check out my list of top eight foods that will help you and promote your beautiful summer tan.

1. Water


The human body contains 70% of water. Drinking water keeps you hydrated and reduces dryness from the skin. And when your body is hydrated your skin glow more. Sun rays dry your skin, so when you go outside in the set to get glowing tanned skin drink water to stay hydrated. During summer drink water at least after every 20 minutes. Water doesn’t contain vitamin A but it is most essential for your skin.

2. Egg


Eggs are filled with vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D, calcium and many more. Vitamin A is responsible for the well-tanned skin. Eating whole, organic eggs, especially the yolk because it contains vitamin A is high concentration. It can encourage your skin to tan and helpful in your summer glow. This also has the ability to regenerate skin tissues, fight against cardiovascular disease and improving eye health. So try to eat the egg for breakfast and add it to your diet. The effects are impressive.

3. Carrot


They also have loads of vitamin A which is good for your skin and protect your skin from sun damage. Carrot also contains a tan product called alpha-carotene. Alpha-carotene from carrot promotes the coloration of the skin. Try to eat raw carrots, because when you ate raw it keeps all their beneficial skin properties and also you will watch that the color of your skin is become really blossoming. Organic carrot even got more benefits.

4. Sweet Potato

sweet potato

Like the carrot, it is also a great source of carotene (bête-carotene), but less than carrot. This fleshy orange food packed with vitamin A. It is one of the most versatile foods. From pies to fries, you can use sweet potato in anything at any time. When you eat it, it increases the production of melanin, which is responsible for skin tanning. Including increasing your chances of tanning they also very useful for regulating blood sugar and it also contains antibacterial properties.

5. Lemon


Lemon is also in the quest for the summer glow. It contains Vitamin A which increases melanin in the body. Melanin is a natural substance which is responsible that gives color to your skin. Lemons also contain vitamin C that gives the glow to your skin. So the conclusion is, it not only tan your skin naturally but also give you glow naturally.

6. Apricot


Apricot is also a rich source of natural pigment carotenoids, which gives your skin a beautiful brown color. It can transfer colors to your skin to get a perfect tan skin. Also, have great antioxidant power to glow your skin.

7. Cheese


Rich source of protein as we all know it. But it is also a source of selenium. Selenium is an element that helps you to tan your skin, it slows the overall aging buy reducing radicals of your body and give summer slow to your skin. Take the good amount of cheese at breakfast. It can give you a super tan skin. White cheese does not give you a proper result of tanning.

8. Spinach


Another great vegetable that contributes to tan your skin. It is packed with carotene (beta-carotene) and antioxidants that always help your skin look golden brown color. Many people out there don’t like to eat spinach but I am sure after that you will eat it by the handful in the form of salad before going out to get the glowing tan.

9. Cherries


Cherries are one of the greatest beta-carotene fruit among all other fruits. It gives you perfect and speedy tan with no side-effects. They may be eaten together with strawberries, raspberries, and purple cranberries, mixed in a rich salad or in a fresh smoothie. You can also make a mask with cherries and yogurt and apply it on your skin. It will help you with many other skin related problems.

10. Mangoes


Here comes a current season fruit: Mango. They say A mango a day, get the tan lines to stay! And yea it’s true. it is brimming with tan-boosting carotenoids, mangos have cell reinforcements (like quercetin, astragalin, and gallic corrosive) that have been demonstrated to anticipate colon growth, bosom disease, prostate malignancy, and leukemia. You can eat mango separate or make a mango shake also add berries to it. You can make a fruit salad and enjoy not only its taste but also its unlimited benefits.

11. Pumpkin


Pumpkin ought to be often included in your weight loss program, and the canned stuff isn’t 1/2 horrific, either. One cup of pumpkin clocks in at handiest 49 calories and packs in three grams of fiber. Similar to the all the ingredients in this listing, pumpkin is excessive in beta-carotene and may assist fend off most cancers.

12. Almonds


Eating only a bunch of almonds will offer you around 60% of your everyday necessity of riboflavin. They’re likewise wealthy in Vitamin E, again a basic segment for the creation of melanin. In my view, get a kick out of the chance to toss them into your plate of mixed green salad each day. They are high in fat so ensure you don’t try too hard with your almonds! You can also try almond oil.

13. Grilled Food

Grilled food

Yes, you read it right! Grilled food also helps you to get the perfect tan skin if they are cooked properly. You can also spread olive oil on your grilled meat piece if you really want to strengthen your tan. The flame broiling process keeps the meat lean, and olive oil and other monounsaturated fats, which contain revitalizers and regenerators when they are rubbed straightforwardly on the skin, can help your skin from the inside.

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