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Abira Nasir is a lead content writer at The Girls Lifestyle since 2016. Her passion is to help girls in all aspects of health, fitness, fashion and many other problems that girls can face in their lives. Her goal is to provide trending information about human life to ladies and keep them updated.
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  • Terri Beavers 6 months ago

    These are really helpful tips. I have to admit I need to get my iron and ironing board out more, I’ve been slacking in freshly pressed clothes.

  • Stephanie | Adventures in Aussieland 6 months ago

    I completely agree that matching your shoes to your handbag and a bold red lippie totally up your look. I’ve often found the simplest looks tend to look the most expensive. But when in doubt, red lippie.

  • krish 6 months ago

    Simple ideas which will make a perceptible difference….lively suggestions..
    Thank you

  • Serena 6 months ago

    I did not know that these where secrets per say, but it is good to know that some of it I do now:) I need to add red lipstick to my arsenal because it is one thing that I am not consistent with

  • Kathleen 6 months ago

    Great tips for styling the perfect outfit. Confidence can make all the difference with the right attitude. And the confidence only builds with a clean freshly pressed style and sweet looking bag. People will be turning heads.

  • Ally 6 months ago

    These are such great tips. I sometimes like to dress to impress and find it to be much easier to do on a budget!

  • Natalia 6 months ago

    I couldn’t agree more with your tips! I also try to look expensive, although I don’t really buy expensive things. I use most of the tips you propsed and I really think that they work out in my case. :) We also should look for clothes which look expenisve, but can be bought at low prices! :)

  • Rosey 6 months ago

    I love the tips. I didn’t realize you could use Windex on patent leather or lotion on leather. That is interesting and useful to me.

  • What Corinne Did 6 months ago

    I never iron my clothes but I feel like I should start! Also, i never wear makeup… maybe another thing that needs to change! But outfit wise, I think i am good!

  • Scott Gombar 6 months ago

    My wife has this down to a science. Thank you for sharing.

  • Monidipa Dutta 6 months ago

    Everyone wants to look cool. These are really good tips. I would try this. Thanks for sharing. !!

  • Kathy 6 months ago

    Great post! Time to check my wardrobe and buy a red lipstick!

  • Dalene Ekirapa 6 months ago

    Looking expensive can always be this easy. I agree that simple accessories can always look great; a quality bag and shoe will always work it for me. And yes, RED LIPS!

  • Ruth I 6 months ago

    Oh my, I should start wearing red lipstick now. We need to invest on something if we want to look expensive but it doesn’t mean that we need to buy expensive things. These are awesome tips!

  • Sandra Crespo 6 months ago

    Good tips I am not a lipstick person but shout out to the ladies that pull of the red lips always looks super classy!

  • Lavanda Michelle 6 months ago

    These are some really great tips. I think I should follow, lol. My teenagers are always looking at me and saying mom are you truly wearing that.

  • Mommy Sigrid 6 months ago

    I totally agree, especially in having pressed clothes. I think that no matter how expensive the clothes are but they wrinkly, the wearer would look cheap. That’s what I don’t get the fad of wrinkly clothes. hahaha

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