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How to look expensive: 6 Secrets to know

How to look expensive: 6 Secrets to know

Every girl wants to wear the expensive outfit and want to look absolutely stunning in it. Some girls are actually able to wear expensive outfits but the rest of them are only thinking. But nowhere is good news for all who want to make their outfit look expensive. There are tons of ways through which you can make your simple and poly blend look more attractive and expensive without spending much money.

Trick is simple as small changing in your outfit and in your appearance that makes your look perfectly expensive. Change buttons, tie belt, add beads or any other accessories are the simple and easy ways that can clearly change your dress instantly.

To I am going to share with you some easy and affordable trick which may help you in making your outfit and appearance look expensive. Hope it will help you.

1. Choose simple structure bag:

simple structure bag

A simple bag is a better choice. Keep handbags clean and shiny. Quality handbags are worth investment. Go with one classic design in a neutral color like black white or tan because they are a kind of color which go with any outfit in any season. Structure of the bag makes it look even more expensive and elegant. Whether you buy a small or large bag its structure makes it expensive.

Once you got your dream bag the next step is to how to care of it so it goes long. Keep it shiny with Windex on patent leather and for other leather use any body lotion. Keep them clean so you don’t need to wash it more often. Wash less for long life. To keep the structured bag in top shape re-stuff them before storing.

2. Freshly pressed clothes:

Freshly pressed

Whatever you wear make sure that everything is freshly pressed. Wrinkle makes anything look cheap. A steamer is easier to manage and faster to use. Take an extra five minutes to steam or press your outfit will add instant polish even in your most rough wardrobe.

If you have a short time then you can press your outfit one day before your wearing but make it possible to hang them at an open place. It is the easy way to keep your clothes wrinkle-free. You can also fold them but the sign of folding sometimes looks bad. Wear a dress that is clean, and wrinkle free.

3. Match bag and shoes:

Match bag and shoes

Buy shoes with good shape and accurate size. It is important to keep them in good shape. You can wash them with dish detergent and warm water. If you have leather shoes then place silicon gel packet in them for their long life. Petroleum jelly is also used to clean shoes.

4. To extra polish your look, match your shoes with your bag. Same color bag and shoes will ensure your look and come off as intentional, not haphazard. Besides all this, it is also a style statement and it gives you settle look.

5. Add Jewellerys in your simple look:


Jewellery can elevate any outfit. A beautiful watch will make your outfit look more expensive. Wear some cocktail jewelry like a statement ring; necklace or ear cuff can make any outfit stand out. Take a basic white t-shirt and jeans are not look excited. Add a colorful scarf, a statement earring, and crossbody bag, and suddenly boring outfit changes into stylish and trended.

Additionally chose a metal that has some weight to them instead of ones that look and feel flimsy. Jewelry is the ultimate statement and conversation pieces. You can clean jewelry easily at home.

6. Red Lipstick:

Red lipstick

Last but not the least red bold lipstick. Red lipstick finishing off your look. Never go out without lipstick. From this extra little step can make the world of difference in your look. Red lipstick makes you sexy, bold with a touch of confidence and style. Try to go with matte colors because they are long-lasting.

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