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How to save money every month? 19 ways to control your budget

How to save money every month? 19 ways to control your budget

How to save money every month? It is somehow a very difficult task; it is impossible to save money on a tight budget. But today, I tell ways to save money. Perhaps you already follow some of these tricks, but some new tricks are also there which may helpful to you to save money. It is tough to minimize your need and swap some expensive thinks with cheap thinks but it is important to do so you can save your money.

Just go through the list and find how you can save your money and think how you can use them in your life. When you make a decision to follow these tricks, you may quickly find the ways how you can use them. You will definitely save more money than you ever thought possible.

Write the list before go shopping

Create the list before you go for a grocery shopping. It is the easiest way to save money. Make the list that you need and try to stick with your list. Don’t see other things which you don’t need.

Repair clothes

It is not necessary to toss your shirt due to its button is broken and your pent because it zip don’t work properly. Try to repair them. Stich shirt button and repair zip. If you learn sewing skills, it may use for your budget and also extend your cloth’s life.

Turn off the light

Turning on lights when you do not need it, does cost money over time. Make a habit to turn off lights when you leave room or house. At morning time, you also don’t need much light because sunlight is enough for you to complete your work properly. Turn light off, if you don’t need it.

Find a cheaper grocery store

It’s not necessary to buy grocery from the most expensive store in the town. You can also buy grocery from the cheap store that is equally good but cheap in price. Survey your place and find a cheaper grocery store.

Buy when you need

It useless to collect thinks when you don’t need it. Most of the times if you buy fruits and vegetable more than your need, the remaining vegetables and fruits are getting spoil after some day. It is totally wastage of money. Buy according to your need, not your wish.

Buy when you can

If you don’t have enough money now to buy something, then buy it later when you have money. Buy used things is also a good idea to save money. Make these shops in your normal routine who buy used things.

Prepare the meal at home

prepare lunch at home

Main reason not able to save money is that you don’t prepare the meal at home. Avoid feed yourself from outside. You can easily prepare meals at home; even you can prepare fast foods. It is the way cheaper and healthier than eat-out.

Prepare children launch at home

Don’t give money to your children for lunch when they go to school. Make their lunch at home. In this way, they eat healthy food and you save much money.

Rent the unused space of your house

If your house is really big and you used only half of the portion, then take your remaining portion on rent. It is a most beneficial trick to save money, that you not invest anything but still, you gain profit.

Buy in bulk

Purchase those items in bulk which you know that you use more and that they don’t spoil. Like tissue paper, spices etc.

Borrow books

If you are a die heart fan of reading books like me, then borrow books from the library or from any friend, read it and give them back. Buying books is too costly.

Reduce vices

Vices are always costly, like the habit of drinking wine or smoking. Try to quit these bad habits and save money which you spend on these things. At first, you find it difficult but keep focus and defiantly you are able to quit these habits.

Buy grocery with a full stomach

When you go to buy grocery or buy anything for your house and yourself, make it sure that your stomach is full. When you shopping with a full stomach you don’t purchase anything for eating during shopping and you may save the many of your meal. First eat a meal at your home, then going shopping.

Sell dislike and unnecessary things

If you dislike something in your house then don’t keep it in your house, sell it and collect money. Also, don’t keep unnecessary thinks in your house, sell them too. In this way, you save a ton of money.

Keep things in working

Try to keep things in working condition. If you think, there is a small error occur in your machine then immediately take it for a fix. Don’t use the faulted machine, because it is risky or small fault become big and maybe you ought to spend more money to fix it a fault.

Always shop from sales

always shop from sale

Try to buy your essential daily routine things from the sale. It does not mean that you start shopping when the sale is open, despite the fact that you need it or not. This advice is to make sure that you shop when you need this thing already.

Start a garden

Produce your vegetables and fruits in your own garden. It is not only good for your health but also helps to save your money every month. You can also freeze these fresh green vegetables for 2 months.

Gym membership

You can get in shape without paying to join an expensive exercise center or hiring a gym constructor. You can lose 50 pounds easily on Nutrisystem and did not need to step foot in any exercise center. You should walk, run and also take help from free recordings on YouTube. You will make it possible without paying a great cash to work out. You can also make a small gym in your house.

Freeze your meal

Freeze foods are an incredible method to spare time and money for yourself. When you have a bustling day, you can pull a freezing meal from your freezer rather to going out to eat or ordering pizza. You can also freeze the extra meal which remains from your parties and night dinners. Save your meal so you can save your money. But never eat a meal which freezes more than 2 months. It may damage your health.

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