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Lighten Your Lips: Home Remedies

Lighten Your Lips: Home Remedies

Some women are naturally blessed with beautiful pink lips, but some are not. They try their level best to make their lips attractive. Naturally rosy pink lips are one of the most attractive and appealing features of the woman. It doubles your beauty and gives you a pretty look. But when they become dull and dark, they reduce your beauty in the same way. This is because of many reasons like drinking alcohol, smoking, intake of coffee or maybe hormones unbalancing. Besides all this, every woman wants to get rosy pink lips. In this article, you know how to get pink lips and get rid of dull, dark, and unattractive lips. Now you can get pink lips naturally with the help of these home remedies. If you want to lighten lips fast, give this article a read.


Lemon juice is naturally used as a bleaching agent. It normally helps to treat with dark patches and dark skin marks. You can also use it to get rid of black dark lips. Bleaching property of lemon works well to make your lips pink. Squeeze a lemon and gather a lemon juice. Apply it on your lips with the help of your finger and rub slowly. Do this on daily basis. You can also use a lemon peel to avoiding darkness. Rub lemon peel on your lips before going to bed. Do this daily, you will get a positive result.



The normal concept is your lips become black due to the dead skin and cell. Sugar is known as the great exfoliating agent. Sugar exfoliating your lips and helps to remove dead skin and cell from your lips surface that may make your lips dark and dull. Make a thick paste of blended sugar and butter. Scrub your lips with this mixture gently. You can also make a scrub by mixing sugar, honey and almond oil. Use it to scrub your lips once or twice in a week.


Beetroot is another remedy that is available to give your lips a good color. Raw beetroot and beetroot juice both contains bleaching property. It helps to make your lips lighter in color and give them a rosy pink color. Before going to bed rub beetroot juice on your lips and leave it. Wash when you get up in the morning. The natural color of beetroot juice turns your lips color into rosy. You can also mix pomegranate juice in beetroot juice and apply the mixture of both juices on your lips. Do this daily for a better result.


Having a rose like lips is awesome and if you want to get rose-like lips, who more effectively do it other than rose water? Yes, rose water or rose extract is one of the most effective natural remedies that make your lips red as the rose. Scrub your lips with rose petals or mix rose extract with honey and apply this mixture on your lips. Rub gently for 10 minutes before going to bed. Do daily or thrice in a week.

Rose Petal

Flower petals are incredible to expel darkness from the lips. Flower petals offer you 3 special gift such as cooling, saturating and relieving. It likewise seals a ruddy tone on your lips with the goal that your lips end up pink. Smash a few flower petals and blend some nectar with it. Apply it on your lips and leave for 30 minutes. The lip skin takes the substances from this blender that make your skin lighten and pink. You can keep up this mixture 3 times every day.


Okay! I love berries. There are numerous kinds of berries, but not all berries are helps you to makes your lips lighten from dark. Strawberries and raspberries are particularly exceptionally powerful to make the lip skin solid. Since they give two important fixings like vitamin and mineral to the lips skin. Berries always help staining and convert lips into pink shading. Take 1 tablespoon strawberry juice and 2 tablespoon oil jam and blend them pleasantly. Apply this glue routinely two times as lip medicine.


Turmeric is also helpful to remove dead skin and dead cell from your lips and helps to appear new and fresh skin and cell. It somehow acts as an exfoliating agent. Mix turmeric powder with milk and make a thick paste. Wet your lips with water and apply this mixture on your lips. Rub for few minutes with the spare toothbrush. Soft toothbrush helps to exfoliate your lips. After that wash your lips and tap with tissue paper to let them try. Apply lip balm of your choice.


  • Apply lip balm daily.
  • Check your lipstick quality and shade.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.

Don’t Dos

  • Don’t chew caffeine and smoking.
  • Don’t drink too much coffee.
  • Don’t suck and bite your lips.
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