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Mind-altering ways to control anger outburst

Mind-altering ways to control anger outburst

In certain situation and circumstances, you lose temper and become rude, you do not even want to do that but still. Under these conditions, it is difficult to stop yourself. You lose your temper when you aren’t able to control your anger and self-control. But if you start controlling your anger, it may improve the quality of your life and also helpful in your interpersonal relationships.

I can say that lose temper is also a disease. It causes depression, ear infection, sleeplessness, anxiety and many others. But there are many tricks and tactics through which we are not losing our grip on our temper. You just need to find ways to control your temper and reduce anger outburst. Have a few options that are readily available and make plan ready to go.

Here are some options to keeping you cool when you feel like your temper is starting losing. Hope it will help you in your life.

Stop speaking

If you feel that you are about to lose your temper and if your continuously speaking problem will occur, in this situation stop speaking. Give yourself a time. Don’t take the ear on what competitor party saying. You just focus on yourself and relax your mind.

Leave the situation for the small interval of time before you find valid reasoning. Response later when you become calm and anger has beside. Before respond make sure that you are fully calm and if you can’t, take your time.

Take a deep breath

The deep breath is the easy way to push a relaxation in your body. When you get hyper and lose your temper your heartbeat becomes fast and blood pressure become high. At this condition take deep breaths, bring down your elevated heart rate and send oxygen to your brain. Realize that there is no point in getting angry and lose self-control.

The psychologist also introduces a breathing technique for this situation where you breathe in for a second. First, inhale breath for four seconds then exhale breath for four seconds. Repeat this technique again and again until you feel calm and cool to react to a current situation.


This technique is a little bit weird but interesting and always work. When you feel you are near to lose your temper and say which you even don’t want to say then start the reverse countdown in your heart or loud so you can cool down and able to think what to do afterward and where you are stand. It’s bad to hurt someone with your harsh words. Better to take meditation and cool yourself.

Walk away

walk away

Walk away sometimes is the best option to get out from the bad situation. Step back when you feel you are near to breaking point. If you are in the middle of the conversation, then make an excuse and say the next party that you are feeling that conversation is gotten out of the hand so I want to stop it or table it for any other time with the cool mind. Go outside and take a walk, listen to music or do anything that makes your mind fresh.

Change conversation topic

If you are not able to walk away or calm yourself then try to change the conversation topic. Add humor to it or add some other stuff due to which conversation the hardness of situation becomes fade. Anger is due to the chemical reaction in the body. If you change the chemical in the body you can break the temper of the situation.


Smiling in a hyper situation is too much fun. When you smile your body is automatically tricked into improving your mood. Another advantage of smiling in this situation is the opposite party is also feeling light and forgets the situation. So, next time when you found you in the adverse situation just smile. The smile is easier than burn yourself or explaining what is wrong.

Change your position

It is quite funny but must try. When you feel that you lose your temper, change your position or body structure. If you are walking, stop and stand in one position or if you are standing then sit down. Slightly turn right or left. Change your view, change your scenery. Relax your muscle and releasing your body in progressive stages. Begin with your head and face muscle. Slowly give massage to your head and relax in this way.

Anger Management Exercises

There are also some anger management exercises approved by the therapist which helps you to manage, reduce and release your anger. I tell you three of the best exercises which surely helps you in anger controlling.


Skipping is one of the best and cheap exercise to do when you are in anger. You just need to grab a rope and start skipping on it. Skipping in as aerobic exercise, which is oxygen-consuming exercise. The oxygen-consuming activity gets your heart pumping, reduce your blood flow (which become increases when you are in anger), control your nervousness and pulse. You also go running, walking swimming or any other aerobic exercise. But in my point of view skipping is the best aerobic exercise for control anger outburst.



Get some boxing gloves and make a beeline for the exercise center to release your anger on a punching sack. Take a boxing class or kickboxing class to redirect your anger outburst and discharge the pressure you’re clutching. You would have the capacity to work out your anger by taking it out on the punching sack rather than a genuine individual. The activity isn’t only a pressure reliever, however, an extraordinary method to remain fit as a fiddle as it is a high-power exercise.


Yoga is an activity that cleanses your psyche, body, and soul. This is the best way to deal with anger. Yoga will enable you to clear your brain, relax your body, control your blood flow and generate peace in your mind. Extend the body, stretch your flexibility and focus on your breathing—the anger will simply wash away. In particular, the virabhadrasana (or the warrior posture) in yoga is a great position that discharges repressed anger and bitterness. Corpse pose and child pose is also a good option for controlling anger outburst.

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