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Why are you always tired and have no energy

10 reasons why you feel tired every time

Tired mornings and lazy nights… We don’t do any anything throughout the day but still, we feel tired and unhealthy. Lack of sleep is not the only thing due to which you feel tired, sometimes there are many other things you do or the thing you don’t do is also the reason behind your laziness and less activeness throughout the day.

If you tired due to your laziness then you have to change your lifestyle. Do things you don’t do and don’t do things you do and then find the difference. I assemble some things that the reason why you can feel tired every time. Read them and analysis yourself after, that you do these things or not.

Here give you all that 5 main reasons behind this question are “why you feel tired every time?”

Skipping breakfast

The main and most important reason, behind almost every health problem is you don’t eat your breakfast or don’t take a proper meal at breakfast or might be you don’t take it on proper time. Breakfast is our boosting meal and helps us to stay active throughout the day. It give us energy and strength to fight with problems throughout the day. But when we start skipping breakfast, we start losing our energy that we need throughout the day and we feel tired all the day long.

Never do proper exercise

Exercise makes our muscle, bones, and body strong. Normally we skip our workout when we feel tired to save our energy but it works against us totally. Those who do exercise three days a week for at least 20 to 30 minutes are feeling less fatigue and feel more energy after some time. Regular exercise boosts you, helps your cardiovascular system does work properly and even more efficiently than the time when you don’t do exercise. Exercise also delivers oxygen to your tissue and body. So, start exercise from today- you would never regret.

Not take proper sleep

Many types of research show that and doctors always tell us that a normal adult healthy person needs to take sleep minimum for 7 hours in a day to stay healthy and active. You actually need to sleep 8 hours every day. It good for your health, keeps you active, give strength to your body, sharp your mind and many others. Sleep should be your first priority; all other works and things come after your sleep if you want to stay active throughout the day.


Don’t drink enough water

Our body is made up of water about 70%, this statement is enough to show the importance of water for us and for our body. We need to take as much water as possible. There is no second thought about this. Drink at least 8 to 10 glass in a day, if you want that your body starts working fully and actively. When you feel a bit down and tired, go and drink a few glasses of water and you feel instantly change and you feel active again.

Overdose of sugar

We don’t even realize that the things we eat by supposing that it gives us energy. But in reality, they make us more tired instead of giving us energy. When you eat biscuits, chocolate, crisps and drink energy drinks in your snacks time, they make you flagging, desperate and lazy due to a large amount of sugar present in it. Swap your high-sugar foods to low sugar foods. Try to avoid bread and pasta because they quickly convert in to sugar in the body.

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